Steve's Qubicle Collection

Torture Craftsman:

Torture Craftman’s Hammer:


Guillotine with Settler:

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A bit grim for Stonehearth…

Looks good, though.

well, my whole point is to have a sort of grim clan in stonehearth, one that doesnt mess around you know.
and thx!

This was instantly morbid…
You can already tell by my profile pic that i’m all for the idea. :smiling_imp:

but their more than just executioners, theyre more ment to be a fierce millitary clan for stonehearth, beyond all the rabbitmen and cute little mammoths

Could you make a class that looks similar nazguls in LoTR where they are in black cloaks and have a blood lust look to them, almost inhuman?

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sure that sounds like a good idea, and ive already got an idea! ill have it up soon

and another thing guys, dont hate on this cuz its a bit gory, so just to reassure you, where there is darkness, there must be light, or is that the other way around, ah what ever!

You should make “the rack”. That would fit quite nicely, I think.

i feel stupid but wuts “the rack” facepalm

I would tell you, but… shudders… it’s too horrific to describe…

yeah so much for that idea cuz im too scared too google it lol

Ok, new model, naturalnuke inspired this one, and I call it a MoonWatcher, on a full moon, the MoonCasters summon a horde of these guys to do their maleficent, or righteous, biddings.


Give any feedback you can thx

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Yeah that’s about what i had in mind. :thumbsup:

glad ur satisfied, now im making the MoonCaster

Man im on a roll! I’ve already got the MoonCaster model done, so these are the guys who will do all dark magic in your village. By drawing power from the moon, these guys can summon dozens of different minions as they please, but enemies of them, be wary of their DimNight Powder they keep inside of their bags, once your skin makes contact with it you immediately go blind!

So here it is give any feedback possible!


Also naturalnuke you seem to haev good ideas, if you have any, or anyone else, feel free to tell me!

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Also guys, I’ve decided guillotines are a bit much so their out, but im still keeping that settler model, just with a different name, hes now the Moon Forger, and his new texture is right here!

Moon Forger:

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Ok last thing for the night already its 2 am! Ive got the MoonCatcher! The magic wand that draws power from the moon right into the MoonCaster’s body!


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Wow! I love these Ideas! Great work :3 And in my opinion… Stonehearth deserves a dark race! Even if that means getting out of the stonehearth’s safe zone and showing a little bit of the morbid freakish sides!

all around, nice work @stephenmr424! and while the guillotine is a bit much, i do like the notion of a darker side in SH… the direction you took moon folks is really nice though, and already fairly fleshed out…

cant wait to see what else you produce on this track! :smiley:

wow guys thx! I’ve just become addicted to Qubicle! however my only problem is color schemes! But ill figure it out.