Gamma's Radiation Creations

My first attempt at using Quboidal and mimicking the style that stonehearth will use… Spent about a half hour learning to use the program, once I felt comfortable I made this basic guy, still need to completely edit the clothing and colors and give him hair, but I figured it’s always good to have a solid base to start with. Once I get used to modelling in voxels and I have a dozen or so normal people I’m definitely going to get into creating mutated monsters 'cause I think they’d be pretty fun and challenging to make, we’ll see though. Definitely want to stick with regular bipeds for the moment as I don’t have access to an animation program at the moment and will have to use Stonehearth’s animation thing that Tony mentioned they’ll probably have so people don’t have to feel the need to animate everything they make.

nice work! qubicle is a wonderful tool, but it does take some patience and skill to get some good models out of it… very solid first effort… keep at it!

His hand appears to be missing half a finger.

I like the idea of having 2 big fingers (8 voxels) the thumb (8 voxels) and something to the effect of a pinky finger or “smaller” finger (4 voxels). Just my own personal thoughts on creating an 8 bit 3 fingered 1 thumbed hand. I might decide to change it later, but i preferred the width of 5 voxels wide rather than 6. No idea why. And thanks Steve (I used to do loads of animations in art school in 3DS max so I’ve already got a lot of animation/modelling knowledge) learning to minimize down into viewing things as voxelated models instead of what I’m used to was probably the hardest part.

So, this next creation of mine was a completely original idea I decided that I would love to have for my beastmaster/tamer class. I think it gives a really nice feel to what a beastmaster might look like with animal friends and monsters at his command.

I call him, Bash Obtainem (name subject to change) 'Cause you have to obtain 'em all! as a beastmaster/tamer

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Which hat is better, the first one, or this more rounded one?

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Someone request a Red/Black mage from FF. Here’s my stonehearth take on Black Mage in the Arctic Biome

Going to put the turntable in a link rather than embedding, 'cause it bogs down people’s ability to scroll and I know it annoys me so I imagine it’d annoy others as well

There’s a turntable version in Qubicle Creations, I don’t like too many turntables 'cause it bogs down scrolling.