Dwarf's endeavours into voxel!

I’ve recently taken up voxel: I’m still very much an amateur, but here are my creations so far:

Chisels: I wasn’t sure if chisels were available for the mason, so I modelled some…

Graves: Morbid, but it was suggested and I thought I’d give it a go.


Shepherd costume: Some of us think shepherds are coming out. what’ll they wear!

I’ve made two other models, they are on “Qubicle Creations” and “Fan Art: Stone Braziers”

Ideas for further models here please!!


I’m not an expert at qubicle but I would recommend giving a little bit of shading on all the above, just a small tweak in the color should do that. @Pandemic could probably give you a more technical explanation.

Otherwise, looking good. Can’t wait for future designs.

I’m not actually using Qubicle, I didn’t want to pay or download anything, so I got something I could use on the internet. It’s good for starting modelling, without having to commit to it.

Do you have any suggestions for future models?

Ahh alright.

Whatever your heart leads you to…

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Latest Models:

Sword: Stuck in a stone- Excaliber style
Axe: Simple axe, for war, or for lumber…
Arrow: Archer is coming out, so I thought I would make some arrows. I know that the arrows are a bit stubby, but I didn’t have enough space on my voxel program

More Models later…

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Extra Model!

Blacksmith’s apron with tools and gloves

More Models Later!- Suggestions please!

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If you want any help with your modelling, PM me :slight_smile: I’m always happy to help newcomers out. I’d be more than happy to show you some stuff :slight_smile:

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These look nice, especially with the limited color palette. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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