Take a seat beardling

During the summer I stumbled across Stonehearth shortly after the kickstarter had ended :frowning: and was quite sad I missed out but I was enamored with the concept and the art style. Shortly afterwards I discovered qubicle constructor and decided to have a go with it, I started working on a few things but as it was summer I did what every good dwarf would do and went in search for ale, wenches and treasure (I went outside), However now that it is winter again and I am safely back in the hold I have taken up my chisel again to see if I can’t create some cool dwarfiness.

Here is a guy I started working on back in June and I never got around to finishing. I started with the blank dwarf template and modified him from there. FYI whoever made the blank dwarf, thank you you rule!

So here is the Dwarf Slayer Mk2

I am not sure i am 100% on board with his beard yet, Also can someone tell me why qubicle is making stuff look awful in model view (looks like there is no lighting so everything just looks like ugly blobs of pixels). I had to print screen from matrix and import it to photoshop just so I could get a decent picture.

Tips and suggestions are always welcome, I am by no means a professional artist! :slight_smile:


Welcome back fellow-artist :wink:. We have not seen so many dwarf related models so far… so looking forward to some more art in this direction. With a second and maybe 3rd orange / red tone the beard should not be that bad if you ask me. Personally I am not such a big fan of this kind of haircuts… but that is absolutely a question of taste. What is not a question of taste is that this guy is missing his hands! :cry:

You can adjust the light settings in Qubicle to fit your needs. Just take a look int he menu “Settings” under the item “Global Light”. Don’t forget to write down somewhere the standard settings in case you mess it up.


welcome back! :smile:

take heart my friend, you can still pre-order directly from Radiant… :+1:

looking forward to seeing more of your work!


Thanks voxel, and as for his hands they are a separate entity so that is why they were not showing up since i was in Matrix view. The mohawk is a pretty defining characteristic of the dwarf slayer so I am afraid you are going to be stuck with it! I will be making other kinds of dwarves though so have no fear.

I took your advice about the beard I originally had highlights in the beard also but I took them out during my revision and I have added them back in to see how that works,

Also this is the ugly blob I am talking about, I tried messing with the global light as you suggested but that didn’t seem to do anything at all. But see he has hands I have proof now! :slight_smile:


Actually Steve I pre-ordered yesterday! :smiley:


:thumbsup: I like the depth of the beard.

Very nice, Simokon! I, too, like the beard. He could definitely kick my butt, even without hands :wink:

He will bite you to death! :wink:

Here is the Slayer mk3, he is a veteran bad mofo and to reflect that has a better bigger beard. I also call him the Mr, T slayer since he has gold in his beard.

Edit: I have also finished the mk1 version of an anvil I was working on!

I am pleased with how it turned out, although I was trying to make it more ornate since everything must be up to Dwarven standards of craftsmanship but… I was having a lot of problems trying to add gilding to it without it looking really terrible. If anyone has some suggestions on how I could do it and it not be bad I would like to hear your thoughts, thanks and enjoy.


loving the updated beard and new anvil… keep it up!

Mr. T looks somewhat Rastafarian as well… :smile:

Totally awesome love this thread… :smile:

Dwarf: Breads Breads BREADS! Breads for all! the poor, the rich, and of course the middle Class! He her majesty the Queen Loves Breads!
Keep going with this mod I love it!

Did I type bread somewhere? If so I can’t find it :frowning:

The Hammer and Chisel has been working overdrive to bring you this latest creation and also fulfilling my dream of making something massive and full of way to many voxels.

I present the Forge…

This was actually a very challenging project, I probably went through a dozen versions of it and I am still thinking about tinkering with it. :frowning:


Necroing my own thread because god damn what a monstrosity that forge was! D:

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