Qubicle First Try: Dwarves! :)

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

So, I suppose everyone must be as excited (or probably more!) as I am for Stonehearth! Just can’t wait to help testing the beta and meeting the game and all it’s apparently gorgeous potential.

Anyway, I’ve never been one for making mods (I’m more a user than a modder) although I did make some for personal use in other games, but I suppose that I’ll break my tradition and mod like crazy for Stonehearth because the possibilities seem to be really exciting.

So… I’ve tried Qubicle for the first time tonight! I love dwarves (I mean, I’m almost a dwarf myself) and since I haven’t heard of dwarves so far, I figured I should prototype my own :slight_smile: Since there will be no underground building by release date (I think) I’m focusing on more civillian/trading dwarves for now (like caravans or something) but I might do some more like warriors and crossbowmen later.

I based myself on some screenshots I took from the models being shown during the Magma Smith livestream… And yes - I know the sizes/proportions/models aren’t final but I can always adapt later, I guess. I made the head a voxel shorter and two voxels wider so it looks like a dwarven head :slight_smile: Oh, and one thing I regret is that I didn’t realise that the current models heads aren’t as rounded as I rounded my dwarf’s head, but that’s ok, I still like how it looks like anyway… :slight_smile:

(I just found out that new users can’t post images (¬¬") so I’ll just put a link to a Imageshack album)



This looks great! It would be wonderful if they add in the option to download other peoples complete races and possibly building types for their creations.

They’ve already stated that there will be an in-game downloading system rather than “trolling the internet” for mods.


i might also try this program myself. think there’ll be orcs?

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I think that’s 80% of the game, so be able to download other crap that people make :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now working on some dwarven weaponry. I’ve started with short swords and wanted to make them broad and “square-ish” so they look like badass dwarven weapons :smiley:

I know there’s no word on sheaths and all that, but I felt like doing them as well because I think it might be a cool challenge to mod them into the game when it launches :slight_smile: the swords fit perfectly on their sheaths.

I’m working on the mithril sword now, I might update this whole topic later with more stuff. I guess I’m turning it into my official Dwarves mod right now, so… Yeah, more stuff soon :slight_smile:

PS: I found the “Render” button (lol) so no more ugly screenshots! :smiley:


could you make a couple of axes or warhammers? i think those fit dwarf much more.
but really good looking swords, the shading looks good too, not sure how they would animate drawing a sword though

These guys look very nice, distinct but still match the style of the game well. I like the swords as well. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Yes, hammers and axes are coming! Also spears and some other weapons. I’m also working on some armor pieces and props like wagons (although I’m not liking them much as of now)

Anyway, updates are coming. I’m probably going to update the main topic from time to time and get all the assets together for a mod when the game comes out :slight_smile:

For now, the heavy crossbow :slight_smile:


awesome tribe to work on and i totally love your broad swords! really great color palette as well, keep up the great work sir! :]

As awesome as this game will be at launch, give it a month of modding and it’ll be… more awesome! :wink: