ScottishBacon's Model's From The Cube Down-Under

Well I have been modelling since I found out that I could make models for Stonehearth, but thanks to @voxel_pirate and @Smokestacks I have recently realised that even with the free version I can upload my models to the kind, welcoming (hopefully) world of the Stonehearth.

Most of my earlier models started as Creations available from the Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle. sorry guys I have forgotten which models I used and therefore can’t give you the credit you deserve.

Finally, Thankyou to @Froggy @voxel_pirate and @TobiasSabathius for making awesome models that drove me to continue!

I also firmly believe that people can have my models if they think they could help them make there own, all you have to do is PM me and Credit me if you post something made from them.


(Yes my name is Scottish, Yes I am Australian, I have Scottish heritage and believe (and hope) I am distantly related to Sir J.M.Barrie…)

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The First model I created, largely based on @Froggy’s worker from his contemplation.
Yes, the Jester to cheer up your ruler on after another harsh day in Stonehearth

Yes, not very much of my own work, sorry! Note this was my first okay work with Qubicle
Any feed back will be appreciated!


Once again sorry for it not really being my work but I wanted to show where I started before I started making my own, so the first few will be mostly others work with tweaks, sorry anyone who dosen’t like that, PM me if you think it is too much your work and would like it removed.


I really like this and I haven’t seen @Froggy model so this is the first model and if you didn’t say it was based off @Froggy it would be much better i really like it anyway :smile:

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Thanks for the positive feedback, but just giving credit where credit is due.


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I cant mod, but any mods that want him, feel free

I’m sure someone could create a quick mod for that amazing model… :wink:

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oh goodness… that must be remedied… @Froggy is easily one of the best modelers in the community! :smiley:

this should get you started…

p.s. nice work @ScottishBacon!

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that work is amazing

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Well after happily completing my first, “model” I moved on to the foot solider (from @voxel_pirate’s swordsman proggression:)) , you will see over the next few days that I created a “faction” of sorts, you will also notice how I got more confident and started being more inventive

.The back bone of the Imperial Army, the common foot solider has spent years honing his skills, now with is war paint, amour, sword and shield he is ready to do the emperor proud

P.S. You will get a closer look at the weapons tomorrow



Also, love any feedback, I’m looking at you @SteveAdamo!

ha! well, if you’re going to call me out! :smile:

i need to look at the default soldier to be sure, but i believe you’ve added:

  • the plume
  • warpaint
  • the shield
  • the blue highlights

correct? either way, i like how the soldier looks (especially the warpaint)… the shield looks great too… i think the only “critique” i would have is the emblem on his back… it looks somewhat out of place… perhaps its because its flat/flush?

looking forward to seeing more work! :smile:

Ah there you go, thanks for the feedback, yes your right, they are the things I added

Just going to finish fixing one last thing and then upload the weapons early, mostly because I’m bored

Already know that @SteveAdamo will edit these two together, he’s so fussy!


NIce work I’m getting the theme now :smile:

These soldiers are amazing. No doubt they are led by the great General Jouster

@Newf, we will see…

Next, I moved onto the Light, swordsman.
These men, fight in lighter amour, have only a small wrist shield and carry a smaller blade (Plus two sneaky knifes at the back).

They are tasked with taking on lightly armoured foes and monsters that are too fast for heavily armoured men. these men are experts at fighting against groups of lightly armoured foes and are an small elite force of the imperial army.

@SteveAdamo I changed the emblem on the back to a light grey, how does that look?

Feed back is appreciated


P.S. Decided to do the weapons after i have shown you all of the characers

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Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to have some sort of spear?

Yes it would, shortened spears, sadly I tried and tried to make them but it didn’t work, any suggestions on how to make them would be appreciated
Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley: