Paul's Attempts at Qubicle

I just downloaded the free version of Qubicle 2 (I’ve never used Qubicle 1), and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I’ve also been having a lot of difficulty with it. Anyways, I managed to reskin the Standard Worker by @voxel_pirate over on this thread to look like my minecraft character. How well do you think I did?

I’ll be working on more original and interesting stuff soon, I just felt a need to get used to Qubicle and get some feedback.


As someone in a school band, I think we need musical instruments. However, I don’t think voxels have enough detail to do my clarinet justice (and I didn’t like my try at a recorder) so I did these.

I think a harp fits the theme of Stonehearth, although it feels very plain to me.

And what pseudo-medieval game would be complete without an ocarina?

I feel both of these, especially the harp, are a little bit boring to look at. Changing solid colors to something with a bit of texture may help. Any other suggestions? Also, let me know if I ever fall into what seems to be a common trap of making models too detailed.

Thanks for all the likes! However, I’d also like replies. Likes only tell me I’m on the right track, replies tell me where to go from there.


I think they are a bit detailed to fit in with stonehearth. With stonehearth models, it’s usually better to over-simplify.
I think for the ocarina, you would have the mouth piece be 1x1 or 2x2 without the hole in the middle. Also, instead of holes for the fingers, you could try a darker shade of blue. Maybe even skip a few holes, not all ocarinas have 8+ holes, some have only 4 or 6. Also, Stonehearthians only have 3 fingers per hand, so they couldn’t play an instrument with more than 6 finger holes any way xD

For the Harp I would try something along the lines of this:

The 3 brownish squares are 2x2 and they repersent the ends of the fingers of the stonehearthians. I think each section of the finger is 2x2x4, and they have 2 sections per finger, so that’s something to keep in mind while modeling.
Maybe you could smooth out the gold part of the diagram so it’s not so clunkly? I just threw it together.

Anyway that’s my two-and-a-half cents, Good work so far =]
I’m a huge fan of OoT, btw ^^

EDIT: A couple other things I thought of, just general tips I’ve picked up.

  • It’s almost always better to have to scale up a model to fit, then it is to scale down. The model of the bed, for example, is about x2 the size of the iconic, but it is scaled up to fit the stonehearthians. Models which are scaled down usually appear too detailed.
  • To fit in with the stonehearth theme, never use a pure black or white, always mix in a little bit of color and make it a little darker or lighter. This was mentioned in one of the first Desktop Tuesdays I think.
  • Don’t make colors too bright/saturated as they will stand out or appear to glow. The yellow I used is way to bright for stonehearth. If I was making the model I’d have it darker/more muted. Closer to the color you picked, maybe a little darker
    If I think of anything else I’ll add it later, if that’s okay ^^;

Thanks for the honest, if a little bit soulcrushing, feedback! I think somewhere along the line I forgot that an ocarina has to be held, not placed in the world. Oh well, my old model might make a nice bass ocarina. But I jest, I jest! Onto the revisions!

I like this a lot better, but it seems our Hearthlings will have an extra finger. Beats missing two fingers I suppose.

I like the way my harp looks now, but it seems a bit too thin.

Now I'm worried it might be too thick. Which one is better?


Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to be soulcrushing >.<
I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff, I can spend days tweaking a model and still not be pleased with the results =/

I think your new models look much better =D
You might be able to rearrange the holes on the ocarina so that there would be 6, but that could be tricky ^^;

I think the second, thicker, harp looks much better than the thin one =D And I really like textures on it, especially the strings ^^

I have a trumpet from before I revised my harp and ocarina. I like the shape, even though it’s almost completely a solid color right now. However, there’s also a newer, more minimal version - but I feel it may be too minimal. Does the trumpet need more detail as it is bigger than an ocarina, is the smaller one better, or should I go for something in between?


I like the bigger one better, it looks good =]
Since trumpets are bigger than ocarinas you should be able to get away with a little more detail.
Maybe try adding a 3x3 slice behind the 5x5 slice of the bell so it’s a more gradual flair?

I tried smoothing out the flair, but I don’t really like it. Here’s the trumpet in its fully shaded glory though:

Then I tried a lute. It has only two strings and three frets (I don’t think any of these instruments would have all that much range) and I have my doubts about how the strings connect at the bottom, but I think it’s a start.

Maybe I should look into getting the full version of Qubicle so I can mod these in. Are there any tutorials for modding?

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Looks good!
There is this tutorial here, It’s a little out of date I think, but it should give you a general idea of how to start modding in items.
As for qubicle, there are free alternatives, if you are interested. However, if you do get qubicle, make sure you get an edition which has all the features you need. Basically, if you just want to import items you need an edition which exports .qb, but if you want to do custom animations make sure you get a version which exports .obj
I think Qubicle 2 for stonehearth will be able to do that, but I’m not sure as it’s not released yet.

So, my antivirus now thinks that Qubicle2Trial.exe has a virus. It automatically quarantined the file, and even after uninstalling and reinstalling, it won’t let me run Qubicle… I’ll see what I can do, but I might not be able to make anything more for a while.

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Darn, I hate when anti virus does that, hopefully you can resolve it soon !

My computer wouldn’t let me delete the Qubicle folder. It said that I needed permission from an administrator to edit that folder. Computer, I am your administrator!

But after that, I decided to just install Qubicle again to Program Files instead of Program Files (x86). (No clue why my computer has both.) It worked, so I was able to create something arguably more important than musical instruments. I present to you, the music stand!

Right now, it has a 10x10 footprint - it’s supposed to be 1x1x(3 to 4) terrain blocks. Does anybody know how many small voxels per terrain block there are in some of the in-game models? I’d like to match if it all possible.

And as always, feedback is appreciated!

Heh heh love it, maybe make the music notes/top part a bit taller to make it proportionate?

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Blocks I believe are x10 as long/wide/high as an unsized voxel. However models put into games can be resized. For example, the bed model is much smaller in qubicle, but it gets scaled up in game.

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As this is my most personal thread, I just wanted to say I’ll be out for the next week. After that, however, I’m going to buy Qubicle and get into the long walls of JSON text that is modding.

stares at opening curly bracket

Don’t expect much when I first put these in, it’ll be nothing more than a graphics test [with a hint of “hello world”]. But I have plans for more advanced stuff; I just need to start small.

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Ah, I think it’s time to reveal my [still uncoded] plans! Although, they have changed a bit.

When I first made these models, we only had the carpenter. I figured that the carpenter would make all instruments (even if they were made of metal), which would promote a Hearthling to some sort of musician. Musicians could then place a music stand as a sort of workbench, which would require a log (even though my music stand appears to be mostly metal).

Now, instead, instruments will be crafted by whichever crafter makes the most sense. (All brass instruments will be made out of gold because reasons.) The blacksmith will craft a music stand item [I still need to make an iconic version] out of steel, which will be the ingredient for the music stand workbench. This is a lot more realistic, as I usually just place a music stand instead of making one.

Musicians are basically special workers. They should behave about the same, until they are needed for music purposes. From their “workbench”, they can be called to their stand, given a song to play, or be released back to normal work. It may be possible to promote a musician to a director who can call, start songs for, and release multiple musicians at once… that’s not happening for a while if ever.

Iteration 1:

  • 1 item:
    • Ocarina, craftable by the Mason
  • Test that what I’ve read about modding works

Iteration 2:

  • 2 items:
    • Ocarina, craftable by the Mason
    • Music Stand, craftable by the Blacksmith
  • 1 profession:
    • Ocarinist? Is that even a word?
  • Make base musician logic work

Iteration 3:

  • Look into making a more generic Musician - If possible, prevents class tree clogging and lowers duplication
  • Add in all currently made instruments

Much, much later: Directors? Custom music?

I’ll probably make a seperate thread for the mod around iteration 2. I just wanted to jot my ideas down here, and leave that for when I’ve got an actual mod made up.


Ah, I’m back! … for a week. Then I have to leave for about another week [totally leave - I won’t even be able to get on my phone for a few minutes every day]. But for now I’m back, and I’ve finally bought the Home version of Qubicle! Unfortunately, though, after copying and editing the stone table’s files and following a tutorial, I couldn’t get the ocarina to show up in-game. I’m going to debug in the morning, and if I can’t find out what’s wrong, I’ll ask some moddy people.

Edit: Well, I fixed Error Code :angry::clap:, forgetting to rename the .zip into a .smod. Still more problems though it seems. I still don’t understand manifests. It’s probably something with the manifest.


Iteration 1 is underway. I’ve had some troubles with my mod, and I’m still not sure if I understand how modding works, but I’d like to thank everyone for helping me.
Relevant Screenshots:

Contains insane amount of glowing because… Well, I’ll fix the icon later. Also, it must have gotten put under building parts during the fixing.
I don’t think it looks completely out of place in this world! That’s a good start!

That’s not how you hold an ocarina! [I’ve rotated the model since.]

And as a bonus, here’s a model of a barrel you may already have seen earlier today:

[quote=“coasterspaul”]I’m sure that barrels will be quite easy to distinguish from crates.



Your computer has Program Files and Program Files (x86) because 86 is for 32-bit programs on your 64-bit computer.

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Yet, most of my 32-bit programs date back to Windows XP, when I had only the one Program Files. And almost all modern programs - many of which I would assume are 64-bit - are by default installed to Program Files (x86). It’s weird, is all.

Related to the topic, somehow my Qubicle.exe has disappeared from Program Files (x86)\Qubicle 2 Home. Luckily, my download hasn’t expired yet, so I’m reinstalling it to regular Program Files. Hopefully, this will work better?

Mod update: Iteration 2 and 3 rely on workshops, specifically, hacking up a workshop that behaves completely differently than regular ones but still uses a comparable interface. I’ve been reluctant to do this, though, because I didn’t want to have to redo everything when the workshop changes come out.

After fixing up Qubicle this morning, I went ahead and made a few pianos based on some of the in-game color palettes. I sort of like the leatherbound one because I went wild with it, but then again, I also strongly dislike the leatherbound one because I went wild with it. I’m pretty happy with the wood [originally based off a crate] and stone [stone table colors] ones, though.

Protip: Make sure the background isn’t set to transparent when rendering a turntable. It seems to draw each frame on top of all previous ones, so if you have a transparent background, it just turns into a messy voxelated circle.