Paul's Attempts at Qubicle


Nice job! Now we need a Inn and beer kegs :slight_smile:


Okay, I think it’s about time to dust of the old… oh, I guess that was only on my old computer - okay, time to buy a brand new version of Qubicle, why not?

… wow, it’s been a while. Three years, really? Shut up with your little “helpful” bump warning, Discourse, I’m going to do this anyway.

So I’m probably a bit rusty, and I’m very much trying to get used to Qubicle again. And used to the Qubicle 3 I grabbed. Keep that in mind, and hopefully I can get sort of alright at this again. Enough rambling, here’s a tree!


Isn’t that tree way oversized compared to the in-game ones?

Yes, it very much is. 50 blocks tall, in fact. The sort of tree you could mine inside, if I could get that working. (And I tried to design it with that in mind - the heights are pretty blocky, and marked. I feel like that’s better for SH’s style anyway. Also, I’ve colored the inside, which you almost never have to do for this game.)

Colors were based off of borrowed from more or less taken from the ancient oak tree, although I used a darker highlight color for the trunk.

Still working out the top, and some on the roots. Though I’m probably going to try to make these modular - a few root/base pieces that can fit with any center trunk, then a bunch of trunk and main branches/canopy variations. And some of them might have lovely ore fungi to give supplies in their native biome.

Feel free to give me some feedback, I’m still trying to get used to this again!


Never seen this thread before :open_mouth:, it’s a good thing your doing this again (wow 3 years~).

I don’t know how big the tree is alongside hearthlings, but if you can mine inside it then it must be really huge.

Here I go…
Basing off/borrowing Taking colors from an existing model in-game makes it so that your model doesn’t stray away from the game’s color palette.
Choosing the ancient oak’s colors really fits the model because it is portraying this massive tree that is obviously more ancient than your usual ancient oaks.
Personally, I think adding a bit/few of your own colors (that still matches the color spectrum of the model) here-and-there will add a “twist” in your model, adding a new layer of uniqueness.

I also feel that the bottom part of the model is more “noisy” than the simpler upper parts of the tree.

Noise is not necessarily a bad thing, you just have to know how to properly distribute them throughout the model.

That is just my opinion anyway and I am probably just automaton-crazy talking :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
Besides, based on what you said the model isn’t final and it will be further improved upon.
Hope it helped somehow~

Looking forward to more models from you :smiley:!


It looks really great @coasterspaul! I love trees and any new model of a tree in SH can get me pretty exited haha, when i saw the stream yesterday, where @ayazar and @sdee played with @TobiasSabathius mod Norsehearth, i was so focused on his lovely variation of the pinetree :smiley:

Ok so some feedback:
The crown (leafy part) of the tree needs to be bigger. If you take a tree, the size of its roots will match the size of its crown. The roots only grow so big, if it is needed to support a compareable size crown :wink:

And that little sidebranch you have made? well it really shows it clearly. Why would a tree use so much effort on making such a thick branch, just to hold such a small amount of suncatchers (leaves) ? It is a bad investment and will therefore never happen.

At this point, your tree looks like one that once was a bigger tree, but somehow got damaged and are trying to survive.

I like the colors and as @Stmpnk said, they help the model to blend into the scenery of the original game :slight_smile:

I look forward to see your next version and oh my the mushrooms! ( just keep in mind that they also illustrates a certain state of the tree :wink: )

Good job with this and thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of us :heartpulse: :merry: