Pandaroc's Voxel Inn

First of all… hi all together. I’m pretty new here in the forum and following this game now for about 1-2 month. I’m really excited about this game cause i love minecraft and the old rpg’s from the SNES (Super Famicon) days. In my opinion Stonehearth just combines these two into a fresh genre mix i like to contribute to.

About me:
I’m from Germany, 33 years old, M.Sc in Chemistry and atm i’ll do research for my PhD. I am into games since i can remember…really :grin:
I want to use this thread as a collective repository for my Qubicle works and the ones to follow.
So lets get going.

List of Models:


My first try ever in Qubicle: A honey Bee

Right now i am thinking if its to detailed but a modell with lesser voxels was a little bit hard for the beginning so i decided to go with this for now


@Pandaroc Nice if you ask me. I guess you will have difficulties to model something like a bee with less Voxels. Maybe just wait and see if and how you can down-scale it in the game. Or you keep them as big as they are… who says they have to have the real size?

If I am allowed to make one comment… I would keep the legs straight as you can bend them via an animation and it will look a bit nicer.

The comment at the legs sounds reasonable. I planned to look into animation with your tutorials when i got some time. I am new to qubicle and blender like a new born baby. I used 3ds max centuries ago so i have to learn all skills from scratch and decided to go with blender like u did since its free and good.

welcome aboard @Pandaroc! :smile:

excellent first effort… those beady green eyes are creeping me out… :wink: [quote=“voxel_pirate, post:3, topic:3162”]
I would keep the legs straight
yes, the dreaded q-bert effect… listen to @voxel_pirate, he’s knows his voxels… :smiley:

So my next try. A Character from the Anime “Gosick”. Kazuja Kujou

Here it is:


without clicking the reference link, im getting a distinct “gangster” suit vibe? :smiley:

either way, i like the models… you kind of lose the “legs” with the feet though…

its his school uniform :wink:

@Pandaroc Nicely done!

ok, budding gangster? :smile:

Thx guys.

Yeah i think i’ll try a little bit of light and shadow to get them back. But its hard beecause the trousers are just unicolor. Do you have some tips for that?

Edit: So here it is with better legs and feet. I think the lighter colors work well. What ya think?

oh absolutely… the lightened shoes make quite the difference… :+1:

So here my first renderings:

Using Blender 2.68a with the cycles render engine.

Edit: Changed the Pic to a better render with 3 Point Lightning System :slight_smile: