Thar Be Voxel Dragons, others, and ... Avengers!

My first Qubicle model. Go big!


It’s good, but is it voxely enough? Also most of the first party models we’ve seen so far don’t have arms or knees. It looks good now but that model will be very difficult to animate. Do we know if there is flying yet?

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While really REALLY freaking awesome looking (like extremely), you might want to separate the legs from the body and make them be more free floating if you’re intending to animate it. As well, you could even do this with the shoulders on each pair of legs to give even more animation possibilities, separate the tail out into sections, and pop the wings off. Other than that, which would be more for ease of animation, it’s a damn fine dragon if I do say so myself.

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I agree, definitely not voxely enough to stick with Radiant’s established style. Maybe certain things get much more detail, to show how epic the encounter is. Things like dragons!
Also agree that it will be very difficult to animate. Mostly because I have never animated anything. The legs all have shoulders, uppers, and lowers, so it should be doable. Each wing has 2 yellow pieces, I’d need to go back and split the top portion into 2 if I wanted it to look nice. Currently has no lower jaw, she’s a silent dragon for now.
I think there will be some version of flying, probably something like Starcraft flying to start. Can’t wait to see their baby Dragon Whelp!

Nice model, congratulations.

If I may also add a constructive comment, I have the feeling that the “Stonehearth”-Style is based on rather less Voxels than more and large Creatures are just enlarged. Saying this, maybe you can give it a try with less Voxels?

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The closest I’ve come to animating anything was some basic .gifs many moons ago but as I understand it, joints are a bitch to animate.

I took a computer graphics course a looong time ago (when OpenGL was still pretty new). We were supposed to implement reverse kinematics, so you move the foot somewhere and the lower leg, upper leg, and hip figure out where to go through math. Never got that to work right, instead I recall having my roadrunner creations sliding across the screen.

Thankfully I did actually learn something about subsections. Each leg is actually 3 different pieces, so is the tail. Can’t pop off the wings, have to animate them! If you made a hydra, it’d be like animating only 1 head. Only 2 pieces right now, I think I probably need like 6. That way each subsection, can fold/stretch out to spread wings.

that is a fantastic looking dragon… i dont really see that exact model in the game, but perhaps his smaller cousin? :smiley:

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This is almost perfect. The only change I’d make is to point the back feet inwards a bit so it has slight bulldog aggressive stance. Maybe even bowing the back legs a bit. But this is probably just me, and I might be a little weird.

Here’s the belly view. Perhaps what an innocent villager might expect to see when tha dragon comes to visit.

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Likes been said, very good but seems not very blocky. For a reference during one of the live streams it was said that at 1:1 scale the cthulhu-esque titan is shorter than a settler so um yeah. On a another note could it’s mouth open to breath fire? as it nearly looks like it doesn’t have a mouth to me. Note to other ignorant people as well, voxels are not blocky they’re just a method of storing data that has had some popularity as being blocky.

I’ve only seen 1 or 2 games that didn’t portray voxels as blocks, to be honest. And also, you’re being overly technical since, in the modeling program, the voxels ARE being portrayed as blocks, therefore, I’d personally say it’s entirely logical to call them blocks. Final point here, if I remember right, the game itself doesn’t use voxels, it uses voxels converted to meshes, which would, again, be blocky (someone correct me if I’m wrong there, though). So other people aren’t ignorant, at all, for calling a voxel blocky, especially in this game’s context, because they are.

Actually most games that don’t use blocky voxels you wouldn’t know use voxels, go look at the wiki page for a list but there’s things like Command and Conquer and Alpha Centauri that use voxels. Meshes converted from voxels don’t have to blocky at all they just are in some cases and polygons are pretty much the only effective way to render something on modern technology due to GPU’s being built for them. It is ignorance, it may be acceptable ignorance but that doesn’t change what it is, I just dislike complaints about things that aren’t even real and whether it’s mainstream or not people should at least try and know syntax/jargon if they’re going to complain about it.

As I said, you’re being overly technical when they’re talking about a game built around cube voxels and they personally believe that the entity itself should have less definition to it if it’s used. Yes, a voxel doesn’t have to be a cube. It’s pretty much implied by the what a voxel is (volumetric pixel). It doesn’t change the fact that calling someone ignorant for complaining about the STYLE of a graphic because voxels aren’t all cubes is rather ignorant of what the person is actually complaining about. Their complaints are clearly in a sense of “If you use this graphic in a mod, it’s going to be out of place due to the fact it has much more definition than other entities in Stonehearth”, not “Hey, voxels aren’t supposed to look that good!”.

That could be an interesting feature.

A “memorial wall” (not in the 3D world) screen where every dead villager is shown with a screenshot. In the foreground the villager, in the background that which killed him.

Charzard?! CHARZARD!


Seriously, it’s pretty cool and I expect lots of dragons in my game. I’ll either mod em in myself or wait for others… but I want a dragon freaking invasion!

Yes, lots of dragons imo. High end of the tech tree I should think.
Here’s the dragon with it’s wing parts “spread.” Lots of work left to do if I want to animate it. Also, the dragon-rider with gear (dragonlance and helmet).


Sounds like a cool idea. Something like the latest XCOM memorial. With some added features, maybe the memorial has stats to help you figure out why your guys are dying. Makes for a rich metagame.
Here’s the dragon-rider on a turntable. Maybe he gets the other end of the memorial … notches on his lance!

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You have six months.