A modeling suggestion to radiant team :D

Hi i didn’t know where to put this so @SteveAdamo you might be able to help
But anyways i was watching some livestreams again and was watching a bit of modeling and it occurred to me that allot of times it was kinda “awkward” to make some body part like feet ect… and trying to link them to the body in a right way then it struck me what could fix that and its obvious and the main reason i love the little civilians is smiply floating limbs. I know some people are like well duhh. but then another idea struck me i tried animating a bit (just a quick test) using @voxel_pirate’s addon for blender and the floating arms made its so much easier to make smoother animations and i kinda think they sould be a standard to most animal models as well. i know the wolf has them but not some other models and it could possibly improve them quiet allot not just cosmetically but also functionally later when some noobs like me try animating it will give them and everyone the ablility to do smoother animations or just more with the model then having it stuck to the torso.
sorry for the long post but i just wanted to get this out there and hopefully make it to Tom or Stef maby its not my place to speak but… (i could only link two user since im new)

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welcome aboard @the5minfilms! :smile:

fear not, this post fits quite nicely here… :wink:

thank you i just joined the forums “officially” though i have been following them for a long time and i like your work; contribution and witty comments


Well, that’s kind of the same thing for me too. I am pretty famous through out the forums, and I still never got the “Welcome aboard @EpicDwarf!” that I was suppose to get by Stevie over here. Oh well . . .

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But like @Tom mentioned in the “Coding some UI in in HTML and JS” live stream that realism isn’t top priority in the game.What i like most about the stonehearth model is the simplicity and cuteness and that those attributes don’t make the worse it is what define’s this GAME and i put emphasis on game cause that is what it is so realism isn’t everything i would like to see the “welp” with like big floating feet it think it would add allot and even floating wings cause it will make animating them more of a free experience and just imagine this: his idle standing and breathing animatoin could be that his body hover just ever so slightly and his wing follow with a slight delay generating a more realistic and smooth feel to it. It is a very small cosmetic thing to it add ALLOT of a natural feel too everything (and that is what games are all about)

@EpicDwarf well then i shall just say it better late then never “Welcome aboard” even though ive just joined hehe. I must say all them time i have spent reading these forums your name has popped up quite a bit and i have liked all that i have seen keep doing your thing. What i love most about this game though is the community and camaraderie and have always admired that and have high hopes of making friends here allong the way

Well, you’ve just made a friend. :smile:

thank you friends hehe hope we can maby work on something togehter once the game is released and maby with more people and make like communal mod

What’s that?

God I hate this character limit

talking about a mod that a anyone who want’s can contribute and help tweak and fix, god knows i know little to nothing when it comes to programming i can read a little code. but this could be an opportunity for allot of people to learn since this would be developed here on the forums step by step and if some-one has a question hopefully allot of people could help them out. basically anybody can be involved even if its just a model tweak or a heavy code file. THAT is what i want to see from these forums this Huge community

So, are you talking about making a group of people help us work on it, or do you mean open-sourse.

By the way, I already have an idea for a mod, so, what do you think I need to ad to it?

I have an idea for a mod called the “Stonehearth+ Mod” which will greatly enhance gameplay by adding more monsters, more characters, more quests, randomly generated structures, bosses, more biomes, and much more gameplay mechanics.
I’ll probably make the mod as soon as I learn more about Lua and get Quibicle Home Edition.

So, how does it sound like?

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Fantastic, i was kinda talking about both like getting a team od enthusiastic people but still everyone is excepted and all suggestions are valid and should be taken into equation, and as far as your mod idea its brilliant i know the people at radiant are of course doing there absolute best. I would like to see what you can create from character to quest alike and like that fact that this soon your eager to make your impact on the game,your mark and i would like to atleast offer my help if you would need it for whatever, cause i also want to get my hand in a bit of lua for the gameplay and html, javascript for the ui. you have my FULL support cant wait what you can come up with

It was just an idea. I’m not sure I can build it all by myself, as I have no experience in Lua. You could work on it if you want. I could help out a little bit.

i say we do it together and with the help of this community and its brilliant tinkerers we can use it as a learning experience cause i don’t have any experience in lua either, what do you say ? I’m in if you are and we could get more people if you want and start a forum about it, i also have a mod idea and would like to try it out once i have gathered enough experience and when i feel confident enough to give it a go i would like it if you wanted to join me :smiley:

Well, OK.

I’m not great at Quibicle, though. Maybe you should hire someone to help work on the models, and the coding. I could help plan it all out, write down ideas, and create a few models for the mod.

then i say its a plan then, I’m okay with re-skinning civ models in qc but making new model is still kind of uncharted territory for me. I would think that it would be good if you’d write down ideas of what you want to see in the game. a new race a character or whatever then we could make a post asking for people to try to model them, then when the game is released we stat digging through the code and see what other find and try Modding this motherlovaaa for the fun of it and to learn how do you like that ?

OK, I’ll PM you about the plans. Expect a PM in a few minutes.

looking forwards too it. I like where this is going friend ‘fixed’

You don’t need to emphisize the “Friend” bit there.

So, first of all thanks @the5minfilms for trying out Blender and especially my Add-On :wink:. If you have already any findings and / or suggestions… more than happy to hear them.

For sure I am a bit biased just because I am playing around with Blender 'n stuff for quite some time already. However, I am not so sure that “floating limbs” make animating easier. Sometimes I even think the opposite is the case. Where limbs are not directly connected to the body you cannot use this connection point as a “pivor” or “anchor”. If you animate this body parts, you have to pay attention that they move some kind of realistic. E.g. with the arms you need to move the shoulder in addition, otherwise it just looks strange and not right. Now as those two parts are not directly “linked” in the model, you have to remember. On the other hand I feel it not more difficult to animate limbs with a direct connection. It might take a bit away the “freedom” to animate as you want but it also offers some kind of guidance. Just my thoughts on that topic.

A community mod would be for sure something nice. Especially if it would be not only open but also well documented. This could work as some kind of tutorial for new modders where they can contribute and understand the basics. I am quite sure that each mod can count on some support from the community… at least in giving advices and sharing experience :wink:.

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