MoonSight's animation post!

Hi There!
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i haven’t posted anything recently besides replies and stuff like that
and i always like some good animation practice, so i decided to make a post dedicated to any animations i make

i considered just posting it on my art post, but i want that place to be for paintings and renders, rather than pure animation works, so here’s the post

if it seems inappropriate to make a new topic for this, let me know, or maybe merge it for me

mermaid animations practice

you’ve seen this lady(or creature) in another post, and it’s the same model, but since i figured that the model itself is not gonna change in position and general style, i decide to just try animating her with the model that i have

i have my ideas on trying to make her work in the game at this state, but i’ll probably add her after aquatic creatures are an option if i ever will


i’ll have thees animation related posts probably only one or two in the weekends since school summer break is yet to come, it’ll be a little slow

anyways, i really hope i can add more to this post, and i’ll see you later!


arachne edited idle and looking around

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Awesome model [insert hysteric screaming fangirl]:scream:

As a suggestion: You could model something Lamia/Naga-like as amphibic creature. Would need two different animations for swimming (torso in line with tail) and wiggling (torso vertical and tail vertical), but could be introduced directly as a mod without bigger AI-changes (except that water doesn’t play any important role in the game for now).

Hope to see more from you.

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That’s actually a Really good idea!

The Hearthlings do have separate animations for when they’re in the water, we might be able to use that same mechanic to make a semi-aquatic looking creature!

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Looks really good!! :smiley:

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Yes, that was the idea. The speed would have to be adjusted because hearthlings are slower at swimming than walking and 3D-maneuverability is still far in the future of the official game. But nagas would be the perfect race for the modded archipelago biome.

So gorgeous :heart_eyes:

I’m envious of your animation skills :disappointed:

How many frames long is that one?


Don’t be!, it took 3+ hours trying to make it look smooth, i have a long way to go

This one use to be 28 since that’s easier to make even, but it was too fast, so it’s now 56frames


wow! just wauw! amazing model and animation, i really want to learn animating, faster than i expect i can in reality :laughing:



i said on one stream that i’ll probably be re-making arachne’s Model and animations,
which brought two benefits!
One, it’ll fit more into the SH art-style
and Two, it’ll have less matrices, meaning it’ll be operation regardless of the cap on matrix count! (currently i think it is 64? or 50? @not_owen_wilson may i ask if you patched this to be increased?)

anyways, here she is in a basic form!
arachne edited idle and looking aroundf

i’ll need to polish the legs a little more, but this is the idle and looking around animation(idle behavior) just running in turns

mermaid is to be made, but not yet, since we are still far from making aquatic creatures in SH
when the mod is back, we’ll be able to see her in action

do you like it? do you hate it? how does it feel?

please feel free to leave some feedback on the model and animations, as i’m still a little usure with her anims an models

Symbol Out!

edit : also, the scythe is just a modeled blob, just as a placeholder, i’m too lazy to import the model


i have still the pic xD looks great xD



i’ll still be using that pic when the mod is activated again, so we’ll see that in action as well!


while i really liked the old one, i love this one even more :smile: it definitely feels a lot more stonehearthy to me, which is always awesome, and can be hard to achieve.

so all in all, well done! :thumbsup:


just made some more animations for arachne!

i made the move animation for her, went smoother than i’d expected, which is nice

also edited the animation for her looking around (idle behavior) so her bun(hair) moves correctly!

it use to just not animate, and i forgot to animate it last time

also, i changed the website i use to create thees Gifs, so much easier and faster!


got another!

her idle for battle! (the one that plays when one’s in battle but not doing any actions)


Got another!, this’ll be one of her basic attacks ‘Reape’, with more advanced ones being a seeecret!
(i’ve also put motion-blur in the render, just for funs)


I’ve always wondered, why does her front have talons of a spider?

Wouldn’t she just have the body of a hearthling and lower body that merges into that of a spider>

Just looks strange to me I guess.

Well, i guess i can look a little odd,
It’s mostly just there so the pelvis(or,…body) doesn’t feel So blank,

if i find something that can replace it, it’ll be easy to just replace it later on

Most “spider centaurs”(I guess is a word for them) might wear belts or lower torso accessories where the body transitions into the spider part. Dunno what could make it feel less… bare.

I mean, there are few things I see that do have the spider head aswell(like Arachne from Castlevania) but they usually also include the eyes of the spider to make it more apparent what that is.

I’m not sure either, i’m not even sure what i’ll set for how they became Arachnies in the first palce.
Were they a captured hearthling? A mutated spider? A willingly transformed hearthling? Or maybe that’s how the quees spiders are born?

Thees’ll all drastically change what she’d have on her, so we 'll have to see how her development goes

Obviously she’ll be a cocky hearthling weaver smited by the god Athena herself, forced to roam the earth as a mutated spider freak.

On that note, I’d like a greek mythology kingdom in Stonehearth now… :open_mouth: