Asterai's Qube thingies

Just got a decent draft finished of my first model, a horse!

I’ll update as I have further progress.


the horse looks good but rather rough, overall well done!

Wow, thats really nice, I would love to see it animated now !

Agreed. The horse looks a bit too blocky, I wish I had some advice to give.

Great job though! The size looks good and you can tell its a horse!

The problem isn’t that it’s blocky, it’s that he/she’s trying to be too realistic, Inkblot talked about this in one of his streams, where he tried to be too anatomically correct and things just came out looking funny.

Try something cute maybe, something that more fits the style -


Blocky? Whatever do you mean? I see no blocks, no blocks at all. :wink:

To be fair though, it does need work and I know it. Hence the “first draft”. The coloration, for one thing, is more primitive here than the final draft will probably be.

I’m pretty sure you have the right of it. I have a hard time with caricatured/chibi/cutesy art. I’m going to have to get there by iterations because it’s so unnatural to me, but the example you posted is in the right direction - de-emphasize legs, neck, and body partitions/anatomical detail, emphasize head. I’ll probably break off the tail too, have it float like hands and feet do on the human characters, and make it thicker - it’s one of those highly recognizable characteristics, the horse tail. Prolly going to have to move away from “light horse” and towards “stubby Clydesdale” in the process.

The one thing I’m really unsure about is how to do the neck. No-neck is all well and good on critters like humans and bunnies that have pretty short necks to begin with, but it looks odder on long-necked creatures like horses. Or giraffes. And on top of that, the horse mane is again one of those highly recognizable characteristics, and it’ll all look wrongy if I don’t have some version of that in the model.

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Alrighty! Draft two, now with more stylization.

I’m not entirely sure about that neck, but I think I’ve gotten a lot closer to the local style. Comments about the coloring also welcome (I plan to do other color variants, just want to see what you all think of the shading and whatnot).

Ninja edit: Scale image


very nice, i only can guess how hard it’s to modeling stuff like a horse! not sure about the neck, maybe you can use just a simple block to connect the two parts when animating. totally like the color but maybe the legs could be in a dark shade of brown and not completely black as they will fit better to the body. anyway, keep up the great work! :]

Next up: A minotaur!


nice work, the horse looks much better! regarding the neck, you could probably just bring the head in, and nix the neck?

and the minotaur looks fantastic!!

Next one! A griffon!

Aaand in other news, I’m working on learning how to animate these guys, but it’ll be a bit of a process.


he’s… friendly, right?


Heh heh, he can be. Just like wolves can be dogs and vice versa. He is naturally a big predator though; I loosely based his parts on a peregrine falcon and a lioness. I’d imagine he’s a legitimate hazard to novice settlers, and even more so to their herds.

If I get around to putting in special scripts for all these guys, I’d want him to be technically tameable, but a bit of an advanced task for your animal trainers.

I’m also thinking about doing several variants based on tropical birds, parrots and cockatoos and whatnot. Those variants would primarily be fruit- and seed-eaters, like their bird counterparts. The thought of herbivorous griffons flitting about in the jungle canopy pleases me very much. They probably make a fearsome pest for orchard keepers, though.

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A variant on the griffon; this one is based on barn owls and bobcats. Another big predator.


i like the evolution, and the subtle yet effective changes in the models…

plus, this one doesnt look like he wants to eat my face…

Love both of the griffon variants! Great ideas on subspecies; they could live in different biomes.


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I love all your ideas the horse looks great and i love the minotaur and the griffon is amazing! keep up the good work!

I can animate, guys.



I just found this and i love these horses you should turn this into a mod please next a yak

really nice animation :thumbsup: