Simply some VoxelStuff

Various Voxel creations I have made, or in process of making.
Thought it was about time to post some Voxelstuff :smile:

:arrow_right: Balins Tomb (LoTR)

:arrow_right: Grave Monument

:arrow_right: Dragon Head

:arrow_right: The Black Cauldron

:arrow_right: Duckling ( …or Rubber Duck? ^^ )

:arrow_right: Friesian War-Horse (Gray with Styled Mane)

:arrow_right: Saddle (for the Friesian War-Hores)

:arrow_right: Dragons!

:arrow_right: War-Horse Caparison (Dark-Blue with White Tree emblem)

:arrow_right: Bust Statue (Bust Statue or maybe a monument?)

:arrow_right: St.Lucy’s Crown

:arrow_right: Orc Dudes from Mordor!

:arrow_right: Outdoor Bulletin Board

:arrow_right: Statue Plinth

:arrow_right: Railed Lancet Window

:arrow_right: Fountain Guard Helmet

:arrow_right: Fountain Guard

:arrow_right: Ranger of Ithilien Profession (Early WIP)


Not yet finished, but still, Balin’s Tomb ^^
(The dwarven skeleton is a modified TR original human skeleton)

balins_tomb_v0016.qb (173.1 KB)


And while I’m at it…

Grave Monument


I like it. Though the grave monument looks like it’s in… too good of shape? Unless it’s a well-maintained monument.

A vines growing over or perhaps ruin-ed look could be cool though.

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lol ^^
Haven’t come to that part yet, it’s an unfinished model I made a while ago.
Just remembered it today, -yeah, vines would be cool!


I made a while ago.
Just remembered it today.

I can see that by the 3 months later post :laughing:

It’s definitely good looking.

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February actually :smile:

And thank you!
You definitely got me thinking about making those vines (=

If you need ideas try to look at @Hyrule_Symbol’s golem he made with vines a while ago, they can be done decently well.

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Great! Yes, @Hyrule_Symbol creates awesome models!
Had a look at the Golem, and your right! :smiley:

Last post for today ^^


looking great! I sincerely hope that an abandoned Dwarf hold becomes one of the dungeons we can find up in the mountains or deep underground.

If that grave monument were run down and covered in vines, it would work really nicely with the Black Cord storyline, showing the location of a former noble or highly ranked necromancer. Then again, with the crucifix-like symbol and the tower-like pillars, it also fits with the hearthlings’ own grave designs. I love the idea of being able to build these (maybe as an “upgrade” to a normal gravestone in order to commemorate hearthlings we’re rather fond of?), but also find older ones dotted around like the Ancient Ones’ statues. If the player cleans it up they might receive guidance from a friendly ancestor spirit, or even some of the treasure they were buried with. If a Black Cord necromancer gets there first… well, kings are sometimes buried surrounded by an honour guard of warriors who fell in their service, right?

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Thank you! ^^

I totally agree with this!
Perhaps the longer a Hearthling has been a citizen, plus the experience gained,
the more options for larger tombstones and monuments you will get? :slight_smile:

-Btw, cool background story! :sunglasses:

Started a bit on a Dragon’s head :smile:
(Only a WIP so far)


Seems a bit like Minecraft’s Ender Dragon to me somehow.

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Only played minecraft a little bit a long time ago, never came as far as to see the dragon…

Made a rough profile sketch on a square ruled notebook ^^

I had to google it, off course lol
You are right, -with the colors anyway…

I thought more of the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty



Dragon Head update :relaxed:


Sleep-fail again “sigh”, been awake the last 30 hours or so… =/ lol

I thought I might as well take some of those hours and be creative, -now that I know a bit about nodes and all ^^D

Let’s do a ‘Guess the movie title’, -then I’ll upload the character (in.QB) here under the image! ^^

(Don’t mind the floating pillars… It’s just a placement error… ^^)

Movie Title:
The Black Cauldron

gurgi.qb (33.2 KB)
Based on the Goblin model

the_black_cauldron.qb (17.2 KB)

Use these two models as you see fit, no restraints from my part.
Just take care of him ^^


I have no idea what that is, but it sure looks awesome!

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Thanks! -I can recommend it ^^