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It been a while since I made the Dragons, but I came a bit further since the post.
-Never completed them though, but I might get go back and try some stuff now when the holiday comes up! (=

-The floating tail idea sounds good! :grinning:


Railed Lancet Window
(Coming up in ‘Decendants of Núnemor’ update)


Great models!!! I LOVE the statue/plinth and that Railed Lancet Window is everything. Keep up the great work!!

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fountain Guard Helmet


Fountain Guard


These are so awesome! Look at those Fresians! And the outdoor bulletin board.

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Thanks! :grinning: :grinning:


Ranger of Ithilien (Profession)
(Coming up in ‘Decendants of Núnemor’ MOD eventually)

This is an early WIP (=


Lost in the Halls of Moria

A render I made a while ago, with a little Gondorian Hearthling that’s gotten lost somewhere deep in Moria ^^

Here are the pillars I made for the scene, and the Tomb
pillarofmoriaa04v001.qb (148.5 KB)
pillarofmoriaa05v001.qb (175.1 KB)
Balin’s Tomb


that looks really cool :open_mouth: and luckilly for that little hearthling there isnt the glow of fire around the corner in the back :’)

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Thank you!
-Lol Precisely :sweat_smile: That was the initial idea actually ^^
I made a red firelight, that gives a hardly noticeable glow behind him, but I abandoned the project after a while (or not abandoned, I took a ‘paus’ from it).

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“Shiiiiiiiieeeeeeet RUUUUUUUN” -hearthling, The third age, TA 1980, Colorised

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Damn, you have some really awesome stuff.

I love the horse model, and all after it (the regalia, the saddle, etc;)
And that town bulletin board looks quite awesome as well!

Good job :merry:


:smile: For some reason that pale green light from the Sarcophagus looks less ‘worrying’ then to him than whatever is behind him ^^


yes! i want one :stuck_out_tongue:

que the spooky scary skeletons theme :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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Thank you! Glad you like them! :grinning:


I don’t follow? ^^


and then

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LOL! -Haven’t seen that one, The Spooky Scary Skeletons definitely seem much more cheerful than the King of the dead :sweat_smile: