Ragnarok's Revival

Soooo I’ve been kind of working on something for the past two weeks and I’m happy to share some of the progress with you guys. A long time ago Allie shared some concepts for monsters during a desktop Tuesday and I so happen to fall in love with one of these concepts. Although the concept itself never came to fruition I still loved the idea of it and look. Now myself I do not posses any 2D art talent so my first agenda was to acquire some more concepts of the monster itself. I finally was able to find somebody that was able to make a good concept for me and I’m happy to show you guys the progress. Please let me know what you think. I’m also looking for feedback and recommendations on modeling this guy.

Please note that this only in concept stage.


That’s indeed a cool design
but it will have some challenges to be brought to SH
Although that design is mostly possible, I still see some diagonals in there, something you won’t be able to obtain in voxel models. The overall “curvature” of the body and such is feasible with animations, but some things like the side of the head or the front image still have diagonal parts, and these will have to be adapted to blocky models.

Other than that, it is pretty awesome :slight_smile:


Awesome ! [x2]

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Can’t the head simply be like a Lego dragon head, where a “hinge” (in this case animation joint) allows its default position to deviate from the grid? In other words, instead of a solid head there’s a “top jaw” and “bottom jaw” with a gap between them, the default closed position of the top jaw forms a triangle with the bottom jaw. Any gaps can be covered by teeth or fins placed to do so.

I feel like the bigger challenge would be the sheer number of bones and sub-bones required for all the different body segments, fins, etc. – but then, there are tricks available to reduce the number of bones…

@Feashrind it’s probably worth checking out https://twitter.com/Voxels if you’re not familiar with the account already, he does a ton of voxel art and there are some examples which would be applicable here


Yeah, it was kind of hard for the concept artist themselves to dry and adapt everything to a voxel state so I told them what they couldn’t do that I would try and improvise in those areas. I really just wanted three silhouettes so I could see what this beast might look like from different angles.

Oh wow, I love the content he has on his Twitter. Especially this, I could definitely get some good inspiration for the head from this.

I do quite like this idea, something along the lines of this? I haven’t touched base on modeling this quite yet, kind of trying to get an image board up and flowing so I have some drafting to work with before fully fledgling into this.


I love this idea :smiley: I hope you will be able to finish it one day. Untill then god luck with it!