Andys Voxel Corner

So yeah, making more and more stuff, so thought i’d best make my own topic:


Undead Warrior:

Front and back of warrior, with additional helmet:

Ad, seeing as I haven’t seen many people making them, and this is by no means finished, my first titan. YETI MONSTER OF DOOOOOOMMM!!!:

Lemme know what you guys think ^^,


still loving your cloud model… :slight_smile:

the undead warrior looks fantastic as well - that shield strapped to his back exudes style… :wink:

and the yeti looks formidable! he needs some tweaks to the back though, something to give it a little more depth…

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Thanks Steve, yeah, not sure what to put on the back yet. Might try and work on some fur effects, not sure how it’s gunna work yet though, still needs some tweaking about. Yeah, cloud is still my favourite so far. I really like him. ^^, hopefully I can have him as my main guy in the game. Leader of my army! ^^, tempted to use the magma smith model as a base for barrett too, make the whole team. Oh, and just for funsies:

mock game box art. Coming to a store near you exp. Dec '13 :slight_smile: