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After seeing a few similar topics from the very talented voxel artists here, I thought I’d post this and see what everyone thought. This is where I’ll be posting anything that I happen to make. I greatly appreciate any feedback, especially if it can help me improve my “skills of an artist.”

This is a boar-man I’ve been working on. Eventually I’d like to make a mod to include him in the game, probably as some giant roaming creature. For now he’s a model with which I’m practicing animation.

Thank you ahead of time for any input!


i think he looks fantastic! very much inline with the SH look… and given the large pink nose, i think @KingMooCow will be instinctively drawn to it… :smile:

I love the Work! Keep on man Keep on! and @SteveAdamo your Right its an addiction I can never stay away… (starts looking up cow pictures)

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looks excellent, great job, hope he animates well for you

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Boar titan?
Boar NPC?

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definitely NPC… look at that lovable poonam… i ask you, is that the face of an evil titan? :smile:

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Not all titans have to be evil :wink:

Woah… THAT would be cool. An entire faction of Titan characters. That would be the kind of faction you’d want to get on your good side!

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That would, I’m making a mod full of titans and the rewards either consist of armor, weapons, magic or mini un-lockable titans

I guess that counts?

Who says Titans have to be evil? He’s just misunderstood! :wink:

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Its not boar man! its Manbearpig!


Really great boar :slight_smile: I’d have guested cow at first. I am in cahoots with the undergrown-cow-league (UCL), so the more the merrier.

Also +1 for manbearpig. That would be a natural fit for a titan.

That’s a really cool idea. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I guess you’d have to have “Giants Knife” weapons for your little villagers. Because there certainly not carrying that Titan Sized Greatsword! :open_mouth:

And don’t even get me STARTED on the Titan boots :stuck_out_tongue:


Titan boots = steam tank? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Salletan, you sir just blew my mind o_O

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And what about a mod that replaces settlers with human sized titans (changing colors instead of having work clothes) and also replaces titans with titan sized humans :neutral_face: ?
Seems a crazy idea, it could look like the Animal Crossing world. :sweat:
But somehow I visualized it…

They magically shrink down some how when you kill the titan.
Somehow. Stonehearth is a world of possibilities.

Awe, that’s no fun @Azhrak! I’d prefer a custom animation of a Stonehearth character swinging a sword 3 times their size all over the place, dealing massive damage to non Titan enemies. :open_mouth:

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@Vince5754 But how is he going to hold the handle if its 3X his size? he must have so pretty big hands. Also, the animation would be a pain in the butt.