RedCrow's little voxel corner =)

Hello, everyone.

I’m RedCrow, a fan of this game and I have decided like Pepe to do some stuff with Qubicle.

So, all my creation are concepts.

I’m still working on it, so this is not done yet ^^.

I’m sharing it with you guys to have some advices and comments about it.

Let’s share !

There is my first try: a mage or a healer kind of ^^.

So, now i tried a SwordMaster.

Here is a skeleton.

And a mage skeleton.

So that’s it for the moment, and I’m always looking for idea to modelize it in Qubicle.
If anyone have an idea and doesn’t want to do it in Qubicle, I can try for him.

But at least everyone should try to do it, because this is very easy to start to do some good stuff.
You just have to get the basics and after this is quite easy.

Thank you everyone, and thank you Tony and Tom to have started this game.

(sorry for my bad english if there is some mistakes ^^)


i dont believe i have anything particularly constructive to add, other than “very well done!”… :slight_smile:

keep cranking out the concepts, as you clearly have a knack for it…



Thank you @SteveAdamo for your comment, appreciated =)

So, today i will share the squeletton “boss” well just because he has a big weapon and armor ^^

I hope you will like it.

See you

skellies with armor and nasty looking weapons? yes please…

are you open to requests? :smiley:

Hello, in this wonderful sunday =)

Sure @SteveAdamo, I’m open to any request and I will try to make it real, if this is not too complicated =)

Currently, I’m working on nothing so, if you have an idea i could help you.

Have a nice day.

hmm… let me give this some thought… :slight_smile:

perhaps something docile like horses, birds or other woodland animals?


So, i have tried to do some stuff about birds, tell what you think about it and what you would like to see.

here is the CHICKEN ! Oo a chicken =)

So, now an owl.

And for the final an eagle =)

hope you like it,

See you =)

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totally love the owl and really like the animals! the mage skeleton is awesome as well! keep it up!

I’m having a good time imagining a titan skeleton attacking the village with many small skeletons.

could you try doing a boar/pig? rat? small four legged animals?

yes! nice work @RedCrow! :slight_smile:


Here is what you have suggested =)

a board

a pig

and a rat

I hope you will like it.

If you have other request, i will be happy to fulfill it.

See you