My first creation

Thought I’d give this a try and made a berserk, or at least my take on a berserk. He’s a head taller than the standard sim. Thoughts are welcome!

I imagine him wielding a really long ax or two long swords.

Gonna try to animate him as well sometime in the future.

[To show scale][1]

[And on a turntable][2]

Because I’m a new user here I’m not allowed to add images. Sucks. So here’s links.


welcome aboard @theRDH! :smile:

i took the liberty of embedding your images directly in the post… your berserker looks sufficiently intimidating! well done… :smiley:

he likes good! i like it a lot!

Thanks you guys!

I’ll see if I can’t get him into the game too… In the future that is.

that would be so cool! btw why not now?

Never modded a game. Also, don’t own this game… Yet. But will at the end of this month :stuck_out_tongue:

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ah okay!!! :smile: its one of my best spent money!

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Good to know! Makes it a lot easier to muster up the hard earned money!

It’s great, I like it. It’s awesome to see all these new fan creations popping up!

Yeah I like him. His mouth has a lot of character.

Thanks you guys, Your kind words make my choice of starting to modd really easy!

I swear if a tribe of these guys pop in to take my food… they can have it!! My little soldiers will kindly package the food and even help the attackers carry it out of town.

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likewise! :smile:

i’m embarrassed to admit, but I just now noticed the berserker’s gaping maw… he strolls into my town with that battle cry plastered on his face, and he can have all the berries he wants… :blush:

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You guys… stop it! Getting embarrassed here.

I’m hoping to be able to animate the mouth so it’s not plastered. Don’t want them to be drooling bafoons :wink: