Modelling idea's (werewolf race/faction)


im creating some stuff in qubicle constructor, i might make a faction if i get enough positive feedback, aka i don’t fail at modelling xD you guys will decide the faction and if there are multiple factions people like i will do multiples, if that’s a word.


guys, it took me 3 go’s but i got it! if you see things saying "post removed by author those are my failures, comment on them as you will. here is my engineer! (if there is another model of him…goddamnit!)


I do not see any picture (in any of the posts) yet :disappointed:. To keep your thread a bit more clean, you can just edit your existing posts, instead of creating a new one.

Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

i love the attention to detail (leather strap with his hair falling over)… the welding mask looks great too! the color pallet is nice… all in all, very nice first effort!


Pretty good! Keep it up! If I have one critique, I’d suggest you add in some more colors, instead of browns.


i tried working with more colours then just stuck with the brown because of the picture i used and it looked the best, i could post another one if you want?


I quite like the brown color palette; good shade variation and the orange tinted headband and black mask really makes it pop to me. Reminds me of the times I use to go visit my dad at work while he was a welder. :smile:


here’s another one, this time I decided to try armour and weapons, I created a little biography but I haven’t got a name, any ideas? (i got the picture but its not a turntable)

"a mighty warrior who has proved himself as loyal and courageous many times over, even though his armour looks more decorative then most, it is stronger then most others! If you see this warrior marching towards you, you better have a catapult ready!"


and another one, made this one quickly because, well, it’s different!

"the fistfighter, an adversary who is quick on their feet, wears light to no armour, trusting to his quick manoeuvres to get out of harms way, and can use his gloves to punch through light armour. Can be easily defeated by cavalry.


I’m thinking of making a faction/clan/modded new race whatever. they will probably be medieval fantasy stuff, like medieval warriors fighting dragons or werewolves or something along those lines, or maybe even a werewolf race. (yes, i like wolves)


so i was thinking “werewolf settlers? hell yea!!” so i made this little rough copy

come on guys, really need some advice here! what do i do to make it look better, i have a soldier imprint in my head along with their biography culture stuff. but i need help making stuff about them!!!


i just made a copy of the werewolf warrior (kinda like the human warrior with the wood dagger)

the differences from the settler are simple, it has the leather shoulderpad =+ sash and belt. and its eyes are a deeper shade of red along with the ridge along its back is a dark red. and its claws are longer for battle purposes.


next: the actual warrior himself, i decided the other one would be a trainee, the differences between these ones is the extra armour, the next one will be bigger, badder and furrier!


next one, the werewolf officer, steel armour slightly bigger then the others and i will have to make a tech tree soon wont i? he also has a sword just in case


i like your thief model… would fit well in @RoseyNineOneOne’s bandit clan concept… :+1:

i’m not really feeling the wolf models though… i think its mainly the definition in the heads?


I’d agree the heads could use some work; right now they look like duck bills rather than canine heads. The legs are also a little odd, the Stone hearth ‘style’ is usually tiny legs, big feet. Anyway, that’s my two cents. The overall body shape is good though.



Agree with the heads, although the head on the officer is much better than the other two, Possibly add fangs? Other suggestions would be try shrinking the hands a bit, move the claws closer together and give them a point maybe. The body seems pretty good, possibly just slightly rounder corners or something to make the sides seem less plank like but it’s pretty good. As for the legs/feet I’d suggest removing the legs as much as possible and making the feet flatter and larger, possibly bent so the back half is in the air at an angle. It seems alright though and humanization of animals is difficult so good work.

More interesting to me though is what you were thinking of gameplay wise, there’s so much potential for them in such a lot of ways. Anything from a group of varying species were-human’s that get special classes or bonuses depending on what they are, to simple things like a reskin. Everything from asynchronous lunar calendars to giant wargs racing through the mountains is at your fingertips. What are going to do?

Seriously though do you have any plans on where you want to take this?


i was thinking on that today, and i was like “well they are already wolves, so why not on the full moon make them on all fours” like giant wolves that will tear you apart. i agree about the heads and legs, they were the hardest things about them to make. ill work on it, thanks for the help. i was thinking they will be a place were you build your homes in a den, inside a mountain kinda, but you travel outwards a lot. so its hard for people to find you. they will have a bonus to hunting obviously.
any other ideas just say them.