[Faction] White Knights!


Hey guys, I’ve decided to try my hand at making some models for a little mod I may want to make. Here’s some pictures of my first model:

Please do note these aren’t entirely finished, merely rough models (subject to change). Please also note that this is not necessarily an accurate model around the actual models that will be featured in-game by RadEnt; simply a rough prototype.
Please, if you have any advice on what to make next or how I could improve, feel free to notify me! ^^


from the the back its remind me an astronaut, but overall i like this design.
can you explain the idea that you have in mind for your mode? it will be very hard to give you any good suggestions without knowing the direction its aiming for.


I think the helmet needs something on the back as it’s a bit too plain and the legs are a tad plain as well. Perhaps a plume to add a bit of flavor to the helmet and some lining or inscription on the legs to match the breastplate? I like it though. Seems cool.


loving the white knight, but i have to agree with @Crobo, perhaps something could be added to break up all that white… an emblem on the chest perhaps?


I’m not sure why… but this reminded me of the white power ranger with a visor on his helmet. Or a ninja. x_X
I think it’s missing that ‘armor’ feel for me. It may need some bulk, maybe a little more shape to the helmet. Or maybe some more texture, now that I’ve decided to scroll down enough to see the rotating model.

A white knight would make a cool advanced class. Or a ‘unique’ special soldier. Looking forward to the next iteration :smiley:


Yeah, I was thinking about doing a reskin perhaps later. I just wanted the basic outline done first, but also needed some ideas for the decoration :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks