[Mod][WIP][Alpha-11-dev/r2477] Knighthood

Hey Folks,
Sral92x here again. What can I say I wanted to make a mod for a job upgrade to the footman.

So now I am preparing to make a knight job class. I have nothing written yet code wise but I think I have the model for the outfit done (at least for the males).

Tell me what ya think.

Screenshots & Renders

An here we have a with cape option.

Here is a mock up of the planned talisman.


I am planning for this job to require a max level footman to get and you will need to craft the talisman for the class by crafting several components of his armor and weaponry at a blacksmith & weaver.

I want this kind of hard requirement for this job as I want him to have some very strong abilities.

  • Will be stronger than a max level, fully equipped Footman
  • Will provide a Buff to all Footmen in close proximity.
  • If in range of defenseless Workers/Crafters (cowering) he will taunt the enemies to attack him.
  • He will level up as any other job
  • He will not receive any upgrades to his weapon, shield or armor.
  • (If I can manage to code it) He will not patrol but instead if a fight starts he will run to it.

That’s it for what I got. Happy to hear suggestions.


i like it! it has a very sinister look about it. im looking forward to seeing more from you.

also, just as a side note, helmets have been removed from armor models… so im not sure if this will work :confused:

then I’ll have to write some more basic code then I guess and I definitely want to have helmet on this guy as I thought this job up because the footmen without helmets just seemed too defenseless to me

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Nice design, don’t think it fits for a hearthling upgrade, a simple metal or gold for a regal knight design might make more sense.

Suggestions for this design:

Goblins gain access to knights of their own give the hearthlings a more generic design for theirs.

A third tier of classes after knight that can be dreadknight/paladin with some requirement about a mock moral alignment. This would be the dreadknight.

A mod that introduces a faction with dark or dark magic art theming. This could be their standard knight then.

The art itself is very good!

What programming language do you intent to use?

Last post was two years ago, safe to assume this is dead.

Yea but i was thinking of the model is really nice, and i was thinking of making a mod myself, so it would have been great to get in touch with Sral92x