[Mod] Crusader mod [A18]

I know all of you remember this concept:

This topic will host the corresponding mod. The crusader outfit and weapons were designed by @Goldmetal.

A18 Download Link (Fixes compatibility with A18 unstable)
A17 Download Link
Latest compatible version: A18 - dev3109


  • @Goldmetal for the Crusader designs
  • @voxel_pirate for the Blender add-on
  • @Froggy for the battle arena script
  • All the users who gave feedback on the mod

As suggested, I’ve added some shadows and saturated the colors. They looked really pale compared to the RC palette, for example. Also, the gold now shines:

About this mod

The Crusader mod adds a new class, the Crusader. This class is derived from the Footman class.

(I know that perhaps it’s not the most appropiate icon for a combat class, but you get the idea :sweat_smile: )

To promote a Footman to a Crusader, you’ll need:

  • A Footman level 2
  • A Blacksmith level 1
  • The Battle Hammer talisman, crafted by the Blacksmith. It requires 2 gold ores and 2 silver ingots.

Current status:

  • The crusader is a melee fighter. It can only equip the Battle Hammer and the Long Shield, which are auto-equipped in the promotion.

  • The Battle Hammer (as a weapon, not talisman) has +20 attack, and the Long Shield has a defense of +3. Please give me suggestions on how to balance this, as I haven’t done much combat related research myself :sweat_smile: (it’s the first time that I dig into combat things, and the first time I implement a new class)

  • The Crusader Armor has a base_damage_reduction of +7. I don’t know how to balance this, so I’ll appreciate your ideas.

  • At level 1, the Crusader learns the Holy Punch attack, which will only have effect on undead. It deals additional damage (in this case, “holy” damage), but only with 0.5 chance :

    (If you have any tips to improve the punch animation, they’re more than welcome :sweat_smile:)

  • At level 2, the Crusader learns Healing Aura. It heals a small amount in area. It’s not a replacement for the Cleric at all, but it’s nice to have, especially when the undead inflict the debuff that prevents natural healing.

I’d really appreciate any bug report/suggestion/feedback for the mod, and thank you again @Goldmetal for making such cute designs :blush:


you are now the second best person on the discourse (@Goldmetal being first), when i first saw your awesome crusader models i was hoping you would make a mod, and you did!

i will definitely be using this from now on.


Hey, I’m planning on implementing a hunter class.

Do you mind if I root around in your mod to see some of the ways you’ve implemented class extensions and such?

EDIT: Also the mod looks great, I think you should see about collaborating with this user: [Mod][WIP][Alpha-11-dev/r2477] Knighthood

His model seems very good for a dreadknight/dark knight and it might make a good extension/complement to your white knight/crusader.

Really great armor though I think it needs a slightly darker shade (greyish) as a trim along the armor. Otherwise it looks a bit too white and doesn’t allow for much natural shading.

well @Goldmetal’s original drawing (what this mod is based on) the armor was white…so…


Lovely! :slight_smile: So glad to see it in action!


No I understand, I just always try to take Tom’s advice by “baking in shadows” and even though something might be white, it still might have some level of darkness. It allows for the details of the model to pop out. Here is an example:


Have you experimented any with differentiating between weapons for the footman and weapons for the crusader? I can’t seem to find anything in the files that would allow for this but I might just be missing something obvious.


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Im having a hard time here as well. If you add the "name_profession " or "name_job tag " idr which… instead of “combat” on the weapon only that class will be able to equip it. However i havnt found a wzy to limit the types of weapons a class can us… :frowning:

Sorry for typos, on mobile

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want me to edit them out for you… :laughing:

perhaps this will change when the archer is introduced.

Edit away xD

Well id assume taking the “combat” tag off of the class would remove them from the other weapons. Though im sure that eoulf eventually have an effect on tracking classes at some point :frowning:

P.S. Am I the only cool guy around here now that doesn’t have moderator powers on the forum? xD
inb4 all the other cool guys get mad at me :frowning: hahaha


The problem is that there aren’t many places in which I could add shadows to the model, and it’s not necessary to have such level of detail when it’s going to be seen from far away. Though I admit that the white parts look a little plain, even the hammer and shield could use some shading, but when I tried other times, it didn’t look well. I’ll see if I can pop out the model a little bit. Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, you can take a look at the files. Although the only thing I did was copying the footman folder, and modifying some values :sweat_smile:

Not yet, and I admit that at first I did the recipe wrong and it pointed to the weapon, not the talisman, so my footmen equipped the hammer right away :sweat_smile:
I’ll try what @Avairian mentioned with the shield, since there’s no recipe yet.

Maybe, yes.

But you’re moderator on Twitch, right? :wink:
As far as I know, @voxel_pirate doesn’t have, either. Even if he did one of the most important contributions to the community, so don’t feel lonely.


Yes, I’ve tested a bit and in the “roles” section of the equipment_piece component you can specify a role specific to a job. In the footman_description file there was “footman_job” role so I changed it to “crusader_job”. Using only this tag seems to at least prevent the footman from equipping the item (and I guess that the crusader would equip it correctly too).

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Wow! Nice work! Its great to finally see those models in use

What I did in sabers was estimate a good attack damage for my weapon, then balance it off with a parry rate. Have a look at currently implemented weapons, the base hammer probably shouldn’t be stronger than a level 6 blacksmith sword. I’m not sure how you’d like to balance blocking and parrying with attacking otherwise. This seems to be less of a ‘testing random stuff’ mod and more like something you’ll continue working on into the future :smile:

What would be useful is if someone from the team, cough cough @tom, @sdee?? cough posted a microworld world with enemy spawning so you can do what Tom did in his goblin streams and put X enemies versus Y crusaders.

My only suggestion:

Have you considered adding in a crusader-specific buff? I don’t have the programming ability to do anything complex, but the stereotypical crusader/paladin buff is some “Holy light” thing that gives a huge boost against undead. Or if you find an animator, you could probably add ‘smite’ attack that stuns the enemy with the crusader’s shield.


that made me think of the HOBA april fools…

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Well, I tried making the battle arena myself, ripping code from the streams, as I think that one user had successfully replicated it, but I think it didn’t work for me.

Nice idea :smile:

And also the Holy Punch… >.>
Don’t forget the Holy Punch…

The shield is actually as tall as a hearthling. Well, a little less, but it covers from the feet to part of the head.


never forget the holy punch…

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Perhaps in the future we could have a priest of some sort to bless the crusader’s weapons? Also, he should totally do holy damage, which would have a bonus against undead enemies.

Hope he gets into the (unmodded) game!


Good suggestion @phector2004. I’ll put it on my list; we’ll see when I get to it. In the meantime, you’ve got a couple of options:

a.) force enemies to spawn in the real world using the stone hearth debug tools. Download them from the git repository, install them into the mods folder, and use the campaign browser (the book) to spawn undead/goblins/whatever you like.

b.) If you want to do this from inside a micro world instead of inside the game, you have to turn on the game master service, which is off by default in test worlds. That would be:

radiant.set_realtime_timer(“SettlementTest game master start”, 500, function()

You could just call stone hearth.game_master:start() but the realtime timer makes sure that it’s starting after the bulk of the game as loaded.


When someone mentioned the paladin, I got and idea. Pehaps we could have TWO holy warrior classes? Crusader and paladin. The crusader would be attack oriented, and the paladin would be defense oriented!

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