[Mod] Crusader mod [A18]


local ArenaWorld = class()
local Point3 = _radiant.csg.Point3

function ArenaWorld:start()


– Create all the Goodies.
local goodies = {}
for x = 1,3 do
for z = 1,2 do
local footman = microworld:place_citizen(-5 + (x * 3), -5 + (z * 3), ‘stonehearth:jobs:footman’)
table.insert(goodies, footman)

– Rip off and murder Radiants create_citizen function :smiley:

function ArenaWorld:place_baddies(x, z, job)
local ENEMY_PLAYER = ‘goblins’
local pop = stonehearth.population:get_population(ENEMY_PLAYER)
local citizen = pop:create_new_citizen()

job = job or ‘stonehearth:jobs:worker’


radiant.terrain.place_entity(citizen, Point3(x, 1, z))
return citizen

function ArenaWorld:_baddies(x, z, job)

– Create all the Baddies.
local baddies = {}
for x = 1,4 do
for z = 1,4 do
local footman = ArenaWorld:place_baddies(-5 + (x * 3), -5 + (z * 3), ‘stonehearth:jobs:footman’)
table.insert(baddies, footman)


return ArenaWorld

Change the goodie job to your crusader, and it should work ~ works for me anyway.

There are probably better way to achieve this, but I’m still learning, so … bite me… :smiley:

arena_world.txt (1.1 KB)

Rename to .lua and run as a microworld

It's Halloween. A Zombie bug we thought was dead arises! Enemies walk through tunnel doors

Wow thanks for that @Froggy!

Also, @Relyss, is there any way to make existing mods ‘pre-compatible’ with other mods? I think it would be funny if you could have a mixin in Candyland to replace the crusader’s hammer with a Marshmallow Mallet if a player decides to install both mods :laughing:


That would be funny :laughing:
I think the mod might not want to get fully loaded if I did that, but if it skips the error silently it might work :smiley: (I’m talking about installing only Candyland without Crusader).

But I’m afraid that the UI will prompt an error when the Crusader mod is missing. I’ll give it a try anyway.

And thank you very much for the script, @Froggy :smiley:!
I really needed the arena to test all the combat stuff for the upcoming features of my mods.

Edit after testing the arena_world: Wow, the hammer is really OP :flushed: (at least against footman goblins)…
But this is perfect because now I can work on both mods at the same time :laughing:
Balancing the combat in this one and adding new monsters on Candyland… Honestly my jellies would look like slimes on normal Stonehearth… Might as well release some things separately :confused:


Thanks @Froggy for the battle arena. It spawned 4 spirit 1 footmen for me so they just ran away lol


Updated the mod for Alpha 17. It probably needs more balancing, since other combat classes were added in the last year. :disappointed_relieved:


oh my goodness, my favorite mod is back, with holy punches and all!


Note to all: Expect mod breaking soon…

Updated the OP with A18 download link. I’ve fixed the compatibility issues, it should work correctly now.


Bug Report

Game version: A18 - dev 3116

  1. No Crusader Armor

  2. Healing Aura is learned at Lvl 2, but the icon shows Lvl 1


Thank you very much for the bug report, @dalabo :smiley:

I’ve updated the link in the OP with the fixes. Seems like the armor didn’t get the new catalog updates. The display level of the healing aura was indeed wrong.


The crusader will replace his shield with a wooden buckler.

Modify the iLevel in the long_shield.json to something like 2 or 3.(not sure what the defense on bronze/iron shields are).


That’s no good, he should only equip crusader equipment, so it might be something else besides the ilevel :sweat:

Thanks for telling me!

Edit: Ok, I’ve changed the ilevel. In the carpenter’s recipe for the wooden shield, it will still appear as equippable by the crusader, but it won’t be equipped. I didn’t want to remove the melee_combat role from the crusader just in case it will be used for something else.


Would be neat if you added in mixins for the best shield that knights can use so crusader can use it too. It’d still match the color theme well


is the mod compatible with Alpha 19 ?


I’m not sure. Thanks for the call, I forgot to change the category.
I’ve been quite busy lately and didn’t have the time to test it properly.


so… should I try and see if it works ?


Sure :slight_smile:
But if you find any bugs, I’m not sure when I will get to fix them :disappointed_relieved:


well… the game starts so I suppose it works ?


It works, but need some work. For a start, all strings are missing. If the last version is a18, than there is those changes in entity_data from a19 to be worked on. And now with a20, you need to rework the models, the foot (toe) is z fighting with the armor.


How about opening up the mod for other modders :slight_smile:

Bruno seems to have time to fix and update it
Hrr Hrr :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


works perfectly for me