[WIP] Berserker Class Mod

Alright! Now that I’m all settled in at my new job, and Hearthoween is officially over I can finally get back to working on my mods that aren’t yet finished.

One of which I started… almost 2 months ago at this point is the Berserker mod.

The Berserker is your typical ‘viking’-esque warrior with a thirst for blood. What make the Berserker stand out from the rest is his ability to fight… relatively alone without the need of a cleric’s help. You see, as the Berserker gets into a bloody frenzy he’ll become enraged causing his massive axe swings to deal more damage to those pesky goblins!

Not only does he get angrier as he is engaged in battle but he also lives for battle. When he deals damage to foes it remedies his bloodthirst, healing him a fraction of the damage dealt to foes. Their Bloodthirst combined with their Berserker Frenzy makes the Berserker an one-man(or woman) killing machine. Careful though, getting used to the Berserker’s raw power is dangerous, as he can easily be overwhelmed by large numbers of foes.

How will you utilize the power of the Berserker?

Get ready to experience the fury, this mod is coming soon!


I would love to see this in the game <3

Yup, definitively a good idea.

Why not making him dealing more damages and moving/attaking faster as he lose health ?
Like this he won’t be efficient if he’s too much protected and will die faster if overshelming by a large number of ennemies.

And please. Dual axe wielding. Because two axes are better than one !

Not a bad idea. But if you’re gonna add something like bloodlust, the thing i’d like to see most is endless courage. I’m sick and tired of level 5 knights pissing their pants and running away from mere archers despite high courage stat. It’s clearly bugged as it is right now and will obviously get fixed. But until then the game is only playable until the moment your army are too afraid to fight back.

The purpose of the berserker will be more to go toe to toe with orc warriors and things of that nature without needing any support from clerics.

I made the Assassin Class Mod for the explicit purpose to be the right class to handle archers(with high movement speed, high damage, and slowing attacks). I don’t want these classes to have too much overlap so the purpose of them will be to fill different roles.


give it two 2h axes, for the love of god do this :smiley:

And maybe lightning arcs from his eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

what are you going to need to promote him ?

I haven’t been around for a few months. I recently have moved and gotten a promotion of sorts at work.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get this in. Technically it’s like 75% done… I’m just too busy to finish level 4/5/6 buffs

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Hey Aviex, any news on this promising Berserker mod ? I can’t wait to play it out along with your other unreleased Great Knight class ; loved the Assassin already, despite it’s tooltips bugs in alpha 20. I am really looking forward to hear from you again and I wish you well for your promotion at work !

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