[Help] Lets mod a Warrior Cleric

Howdy modders

Well, I got this cleric and she is pretty suicidal, when not healing she is bashing the monsters with her book. So I got to think, why not mod her to be like a cleric from old days Dungeons and Dragons RPG.

So she could use a shield and make the hammer the mason can make the cleric weapon, could even call it a Holy Hammer or Rune Hammer of Wrath, hoho.
And let her wear armor, leather and chain maybe. (Hmmm, do we have chain or is it only plate, cant remember.

Im not talking about new graphics, lets keep it as easy and simple as possible :slight_smile:

To make some kind of workplan :

  1. Change the book with the hammer
  2. enable her to use shield
  3. enable armor

How would you guys start this?


Well not much of a moder (only splurged here and there).


  1. Learn the general path the mod folders/files follow, think their is a basic video of a test mod on the youtube channel.

  2. Changing models is fairly easy, and making the models are fun! So I would just remodel a sword or other weapon to look like a hammer or mace, and just use the .jason to apply the values.

  3. Well not too sure this would work (I have no proof of it) But just change a shields .jason to apply to a cleric class and maybe they will pick it up.

  4. Just do the same thing for 2.

I’m up for modeling stuff for you if you want.

Thanks for your input Nar5ial

Maybe a place to start could be:
Any idea how to change the requirement for cleric, from book to the mason stone_maul

Im up for learning to do this, but would love to play with others to learn it, more fun :slight_smile:

Oh, the fun part of stonehearth is that you can add items like no other person biz, The only reason we use other items model is for its animations (since that is a pain to do), So what I would do is splice a cleric’s book .jason with the stone_maul model and just boost the damage in the .jason

Jist of it .jason is what tells stonehearth whats what

Sounds good, was starting to think something like that.

this is where im working right now :

Was thinking to start with overwriting the cleric_tome.png with the maul one when I find it, just name it cleric_tome.png ofcouse.

Renaming things would be good, don’t want conflicting feils

Edit:Make a quick model, here is the icon for it.

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Nice one

looks like I cant make the tome look like a maul animation wise. Not sure why.

So I jumped to make the Cleric use armor, im guessing I have to change something in :

"equipment": {
“torso”: “file(cleric_outfit)”,
“mainhand”: “stonehearth:weapons:tome”
“roles”: “cleric_job combat”,

"equipment": {
“torso”: “file(footman_outfit)”,
“mainhand”: “stonehearth:weapons:wooden_sword”
“roles”: “footman_job cloth_wearer leather_wearer mail_wearer melee_combat combat”,

"equipment": {
“torso”: “file(knight_outfit)”,
“offhand”: “stonehearth:armor:knights_shield”,
“mainhand”: “stonehearth:weapons:bronze_sword”,
“helmet”: “file(knight_helm)”
“roles”: “knight_job plate_wearer melee_combat combat”,

I know that the Footman pickups a shield, cant see what allows that. In the Knight I can see “offhand”: “stonehearth:armor:knights_shield”, and helmet even. hmmmm, any wisdom on this part?

For a class to use an equipment, you need to tell that at the equipment .json.

So in your case, the edit is not in the cleric, but in the shield. The shield should have a list of all classes that can pick it up.

You should msg relyss, maybe you can take over the mod or use it to make it easier for you, if she says it’s okay.

So I would not change anything in this file, Instead I would full copy the folder where the maul is at and just change the .jason of that to change the footman_job to a cleric job <not the right path name just a heads up.

“stonehearth:equipment_piece”: {
“slot”: “mainhand”,
“render_type”: “attach_to_bone”,
“postures”: [
“ilevel”: 11,
“roles”: “footman_job”,
“equip_effect”: “stonehearth:effects:weapon_level_up”

^^ Found on line 23 using notepad++

Edit: Just to clearify there is no set skill to wear armour (That I can see), The game just sets a catagory on the item so the job knows what it can and can not wear. Right now all jobs will thrive to wear anything that has a high item level and fits their requirements (aka skill level, class, ect)

Bruno, thanks alot mate, gonna try that right away :- )
Groms, goona have a look at that mod to see if I can understand any of the changes, thanks mate

I changed this :
“roles”: “cleric_job combat”,


“roles”: “cleric_job cloth_wearer leather_wearer mail_wearer melee_combat combat”,

The cleric ran over and pickupup mail and woodenshield, sweet

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I like the idea of a combat cleric :smile: !
Can I have a try on this idea too :blush:?

Stmpnk mate, feel free to give it a go, I gave up a bit, went the easy way.

I did change the cleric so it can use armor and helmet up to mail.
Also did change the range of the cleric book, so even when she does use melee attack, its from afar.
BUT, the enemy clerics also use the same weapon so they can attack from ranged aswell, the damage is tiny so no stress :slight_smile:

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Thanks :blush:!
I kind of felt that I needed permission first.

I already have vanilla items with few alterations as well as original models from my own to better stick to the style.
It all comes to coding part now.

Well, this is my attempt at this:
(The models featured below are alterations of vanilla items and some original ones from my own)
note: not done yet and there are still things to add like injected buffs and female variant.

First of…

The Cleric Variant Maces:
They all have the same design but with different colors according to the ingot used.

The Cleric Bucklers:
They all have the same design but with different colors according to the ingot used. The vanilla bronze shield altered basically.

The Cleric Hooded Circlets:
They all have the same design but with different colors according to the ingot used. I just combined
two vanilla models together and changed the pallet.

The Advanced Cleric Outfit:
Only a steel variant. Just added few armor voxelsplates to the original model.

The Speed Vial Belt:
A small pouch with a vial of energy tonic. (planned: increase movement speed)

The Protection Scroll:
A large scroll on the back. Filled with protection incantations. (planned: increase armor rating/defence)

A Spare Cleric Tome:
A wise cleric can’t fight without an extra copy of their tome. Used the original tome model along with an addition of a belt of mine. (planned: increase heal amount)

Set Images:

Sorry if I lengthened your thread :sweat_smile: . That ends my shot at this idea :bow: !


Really really nice mate, just what I had in mind.
Love the ideas of the scroll on the back and vial holder.

All we need now is to be able to make a “dark” cleric with lifesteal and glowing evillooking weapon :smiley:

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Thanks :smiley:! The scroll :scroll: was my favorite :blush:.

A dark cleric would be cool. Maybe it will stray away from healing but instead to stealing health or giving negative buffs to the enemy.

True, unless he heals his group everytime he damages the enemy.

If only we could decide wich weapons our small hearthlings use, then the weapon and armor could decide if its a normal cleric or dark cleric, could put the ability in the weapon :- )

Im gonna take a look at the flaming arrow and see if I can make the catapult shoot flaming arrows, maybe even make a flaming sword :slight_smile:
But thats a bit offtopic :smiley:

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Interesting tactic :open_mouth:.

Good luck with that then :thumbsup: . If you need help with cubemitters, don’t forget to ask others for assistance :wink:.

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Is there any way to download this?