[Solved] Where did I go wrong?

Alright, so since I found the lack of armors for clerics disappointing, I wanted to add something of my own to my game, but sadly i ran into a problem.

I wanted to add them with the look of the padded cloth armor for footmen.
Attached you will find the json and .qb files. Thanks for the help
cleric_robe.zip (12.6 KB)

The clothes need to be split in diferent matrices / pieces with the body part as name in order to be able to move.
For that you will need another program other than MagicaVoxel (for example, VoxelShop, StoneVox (both are free) or Qubicle).


Thanks for the reply, will give it a go

Edit: is there a tutorial to do that or can I load a stonehearth armor and copy it’s properties?

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You can import stonehearth armor and make changes by editing the layers that way. If you want access to the Stonehearth models, open up your mods folder and extract the stonehearth.smod. Inside of there, navigate to /entities/armor/ and you can find some models for a starting point!

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Just an update to the ones who helped me here. I managed to fix it. Thank you sooo much for the help!

Here’s my cleric with her shiny new robe that gives her +6 def :smiley:


Looks wonderful! Glad you figured it out!