Making Custom Armors?

I do enjoy the customizability of structures in this game which leads me to the idea of further customization.
However I see this is not there with armors.

I think that custom armors would allow the knights and footmen class to be more interesting and could be done by allowing us to customize the knight and footman armors in a similar way to the buildings.

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Stonehearth is meant to be modded. In fact, the game world itself is a mod. If you look in the mods directory, for example, you’ll see
radiant.smod rayyas_children.smod rayyas_children_ui.smod stonehearth.smod

Each one of these .smod files are really just zipfiles containing the assets of the game and can be extracted using your favorite unzip program.

On the Stonehearth github repository there is an example mod which shows you how to go about modding.
There are several mods out there created by players which add different armors to the game as well as other objects and more. Many people use programs such as MagicaVoxel(free) and Qubicle Constructor to produce the assets necessary to add such customization as you’re longing for. While this isn’t done in game, it’s a fairly straightforward process and many of the past streams especially the early ones, show you how to go about adding your own assets. I am fairly certain a quick search of the forums will provide further help if you so need it. Good luck!

I’d love for this idea to come into play. Custom armour is awesome. That is why I want to get Kingdom come: deliverance. They have layers of clothes and armour you can equip eg. put on a tunic, then over that tunic you can put a padded coat, then mail armour and then plate armour :o

It’s already in play. We have all the tools right now. Go forth and make armors! :airplane_departure:

I was just wondering about implementing it in the game. My towns develop differently based on where they are set up and how I raised them so modding it gets inconvenient but I suppose is an option.

if you’re interested in modding in your own armour, this might be helpful: Twitch