How to make new Weapons/Armor?

I love the ability to mod Stonehearth and have seen some really neat weapon and armor mods. However I would like to add my own, but I have no idea where to begin. Any suggestions?

You can use softwares like Magicavoxel to model them. And a text editor to code it.

I have Quibical(paid version) and Notepad++, however I don’t know what files I need to edit. I should have mentioned I am a bit of a novice when it comes to modding.

Modding is quite easy, but hard to explain :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, every mod is a folder with a file inside, called manifest.json. This is the file that starts everything, like it lists all objects in your mod and resources necessary.

To have some examples, you can simple open other mods, or the game itself. The *.smod files are nothing more than a *.zip file that was renamed, and inside that zip is the mod folder. So all you need is to rename the file extension from smod to zip and unzip its contents out to check what is in it.


Ok, so lets say I wanted to make a few different variations of the longsword. All I want to do is change say the look of it, the name, as well as some other values (damage/class/ lvl/ etc.) The values end of things looks simple enough to figure out, except for iLevel. I am not to sure what iLevel refers to. Also in regards to the long_sword.json, it seems to use only 3 other files: long_sword_equipped.qb / long_sword_iconic.json / long_sword.png.

However there seems to be other files that are not used: long_sword.qb / long_sword_equipped.mtl / long_sword_equipped.obj / long_sword_equipped.png. Is there a reason for these? Or were they supposed to be implanted but instead got left out?

iLevel is the value used by a hearthling to decide which weapon to use. They will always chose the weapon with the highest value.
Useful for things like when you want to add a weapon that has the same attack as another, but need a way to tie break their decision, favoring your weapon instead of the other.

*.mtl and *.obj are not used. Probably left over from modeling the item that end up there.

The .qb files are both needed. One is the item like it appears in the storage (like a icon), the other is the version that they actually holds in battle. So you can have a cute version for icon/storage, and one more detailed in their hands.
The .png is the image that will shown in places like shops or crafter menus.
The .json is one for the icon and another for the real weapon.


Ok, thank you very much! This helped me a lot! Hopefully I will be able to post my first mod soon! :smile::grin:

Hello, How can I create the .smod file?

You simple zip the mod folder and then rename the resulted zip file into a smod file

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Thank you friend :grin:

Heyya Folks - there are also a lot of things you can find with a search : ). I actually couldn’t find any with the discourse search itself, but a google search gave me these:

From Stephanie direct: Startermod_basic updated with weapons, armor, lights, and particles - the link in it to a video doesn’t work, but I think it was trying to point at this: Making a Reference Mod - lots of other informative videos in there as well. Angelo and Justin recently made a Necromancer Mod which should be helpful.
And here’s a post with some pretty good info as well: Modding Stonehearth: first steps

I’m sure there are others as well, just gotta poke around a bit ; ).


Thanks for the info. However before I made the post I did do some searching, and poked around in the files a bit. What you have found, for some reason I did not find originally. Also you kinda made a necro thread here (as I mentioned in the last post I made that I would be, and now am, working on a mod thanks to the help I got). Still the additional information will only help me further so I appreciate you taking the time to do the research and post it here.

Glad you found some other stuff : ). And yeah, it can be hard to find stuff sometimes ; ).