Weapon making for modpack

Hey me and my friend are making a mod pack with the theme of elves and i am incharge of making the weapons ect. while he make the people could anyone help me im very new and i could use som really easy and changeble scripts for a weapon.

check the stonehearth smod file (it’s just a zip with another name) in the mods folder (the rayyas smod can be used too)
there: entities -> weapons -> take the one you want and use it as a reference
i would recomend to use the same qb file as to keep the handle in the right position so the heartling will be able to use it without any weird issues
the json file in is the one with all the info of the item

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i did that before but my sword did not work

have you added it to the manifest file?
also use JSONLINT to check your json file is a valid one
and Jofferson to check the pathing is propperly assigned

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oh i was looking for some one that could make something like the manifest file and folder and stuff so i could use it for further refferance

this is how you add a weapon to the manifest:
“weapons:bronze_mace”: “file(entities/weapons/bronze_mace)”,
you will find it in the stonehearth manifest

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so i put the manifest in a folder then the weapon?

nope, the manifest is the main file of the mod. it must be in the mod folder
the weapon qb and json can be wherever you want but the manifest must have the right path to reach the json file
so as for now it will be easier to keep the original format: (mod folder -> entities -> weapons -> yourweaponfolder -> yourweapon.json yourweapon.qb)

the manifest will call it this way:
file means that the path to your weapon begins in the same folder of the manifest

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maybe this could help a little:
Startermod_basic updated with weapons, armor, lights, and particles

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Oh and I can only guess who :wink:~

Adding your own weapons is surprisingly easy, and @No_Name had already pointed you to the right direction. I suggest you look at this link: Stonehearth's Modding Guide.

It explains a lot and introduces you to the basics of modding. You can use the startermod_basic file you get on the link provided by @No_Name as template, and you can check the link I provided above for details.

Hope that helps and good luck :smiley::sunny:~!