Testing out what it's like to mod, any tips? | Weapons Refined


Recently I’ve just been going at it in terms of Stonehearth, constantly thinking of new ideas, improvements etc.

So I thought I should maybe look into modding, as I’ve been interested in it before, however it’s somewhat a bump to get into.

Yesterday I started to read the guide that the developers have so generously put out, I started tinkering with the starter mod.

Anyways, I had this idea borrowed from Skyrim, where you are able to “refine” your weapons / armor, and give it a few extra stats, as in a grindstone etc, and I want to give myself the challenge to somewhat figure this out.

Does anyone have any tips to get me started? anyone want to collaborate etc, I am really new to this all so bear with me.

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simply put: your current idea is, probably, really, really difficult for someone who has never done any stonehearht modding. lets put it this way: i cant think of a decent way to do it atm.

the usualy way to learn is starting with something “easy” which is usually a new weapon/bed/chair/etc.
(this gets you used to where stuff is and how it works)
after that, just take it up one difficulty-step at a time. :slight_smile:
and the best tip: dont hesitate to ask when you are stuck, there is usually someone around to help!

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Awesome, thanks!

Yeah I realized that this might be a bit too much :sweat_smile: however the challenge is fun^^,

I’ve tried to calm myself down and just focus on one altered version of the Wooden Sword :smiley:

id advise doing someone else that the wooden one, specifically, because its also a talisman to promote into a footman (which complicates things a bit) the stone maul is a safe and easy starting point, or one of the low level blacksmith weapons

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i believe you could create various weapons like

  • Sword plain
  • Sword light
  • Sword dark
  • Sword fire

And then create something like gems to use for crafting
as a recipe Sword Plain + Gem of eternal night = Sword dark
but that will turn into something like 100 weapons/armors just to add each variant

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OH! That’s what the talisman thingy in the code is, haha! :laughing:
See I knew there was something fishy, alrighty, thanks again!

:open_mouth: This sounds so cool, I’ll write it down

problem with that idea: your footman is not going to hand over what he has in his hand. so unless you de-footman him, causing him to drop it, its not going to be that good of an idea. (which would lose in-between-levels xp and be fiddly as hell)

How about making those swords be “templates” as in not equippable

@Wouter_Sikkema :scream: right forgot about that :sweat_smile:

that would work, its how the legendary weapons on a higher tier work, but i would not do it for lower tier weapons because its just complicated and fiddly. maybe giving the sword a sort of “level” system like a footman itsself has might work. but then let it gain “xp” in some strange manner as the refining process (and this would be ocmplicated, like @BrunoSupremo tier complicated :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hmmm, that sounds complicated indeed, however even more interesting :thinking:

To do it without lua coding, I guess the idea of crafting it using multiple pieces and old weapons is the best option.

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Thanks for the tip! @BrunoSupremo

How would I do it with having these “gems” be something you loot but something that is used in a recipe, would I label it as a “construction”? ^^

There is two things there, you need to add it as a drop (to mobs, terrain, etc) and make a recipe ask for it. The recipe doesn’t really care about what the item is really.

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Ahh, makes sense, thanks again :slight_smile:

What buffs can the enemies get? If there are any they are not affected by etc

Enemies are entities just like your hearthlings. Technicly anything that can work on one can work on the othrr

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Alrighty, thanks for the answer @Wouter_Sikkema :smiley: