Teach me how to SMOD

Help me Discourse, you’re my only hope.

I want to mod! Well, maybe. First, I have some questions/statements.

  1. I need some program that I can use to view smod files. What would the modding experts and/or Devs recommend?

  2. I think I might want to add in items! What’s a good voxel editor?

  3. Any advice to give as I attempt to throw my own spin on StoneHearth?

Thanks for any and all advice!

Edit: changed Tell to Teach, because teaching is nicer.


Qubilce works pretty well, it’s what the developers use.

Do you mean Qubicle?

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Alright, to smod you can use alot of different programs and assets. Most free but some will require purchase.

Coding you can use your standard notepad, or go for something like Sublime, RE use it and will run you some money for the full verison but you can easily refresh the trial version to do your work.

Regardling models, Most use Qubicle Contructor. which is also my preference. Though you could also use MagickaVoxel which has a very good rendering built in so you dont need to leave the program to view how good the model looks under lighting.

My advice for modding Stonehearth is to get a firm grasp on the art style. Watch old streams and just inspect the models already in game. There are also ALOT of community threads and assets you could use. I have a color palette with commonly used colors, Voxel Pirates Blender Add-on is very helpful for animation exportation, along with any of the Fan Media threads for inspiration and people willing to answer questions.

A majority of what you could do to throw your own spin on it, is up to you. I’m almost certain if you find a modder here and ask if they could help you along a lot of us would be more than welcoming.

I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:


The .smod isn’t realy a type of file
It’s just a .zip file renamed to .smod
Simply change .smod to .zip and you can use it just like a compressed file!
Unzip it and you’ll be able to edit it

and it also works in the opposite way by changing .zip to .smod so the game can read it

The game will read folders as well so you can edit mods in a folder and test them right away

You can zip it or .smod it afterwards to share it

Sadly i don’t know a lot of code, just some modeling and animating (and also arts)
So if you need help in models or abimations, feel free to ask me via PM


Thanks. That’s really helpful and I didn’t know that.

As a FOSS fan I highly recommend MagickaVoxel :wink:
Also there is always a free tool alternative to the “main” ones.
You can use Notepad++ instead of Sublime and 7zip instead of any other smod/zip (un)packer.

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Right, so I downloaded MagickaVoxel, looks good, thanks @MelOzone, the next question is “Is there a way to open the existing .qb files from StoneHearth in the program?” Just to inspect them, because I couldn’t find a button for that. I saw that I could export the creations as a .qb, just not import a .qb.

just drag and drop .qb files into magicavoxel and it will open them :slight_smile:


Well that’s sneaky.

Offtopic question; How do I do the quote with the persons name at the top?

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highlight the text and it should come up with a little box that says "quote reply, click that and it will bring up a reply with the highlighted text being a quote.

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:


Yes. Yes it does help out.


I’ve gotten to the part where I think I covered all my bases and now I want to test out my work, however when I change the new .zip to .smod, The little icon does not change from a zipped folder to the blank piece of paper, and the details still read “Compressed (zipped) folder”, instead of “SMOD file”. Got any ideas @Hyrule_Symbol and @8BitCrab?

well first off, do you have file extensions on? you can’t change the extension if you dont have them on,

secondly, to test a mod you don’t need to make it into a .smod, a plain old folder will be loaded by the game, its just when you go to publicly share your mod that you need to make it a .smod

hope that helps/makes sense.

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I copied the stonehearth.smod and changed it to a zip so I could unzip it and investigate. Does that not mean they are on? [quote=“8BitCrab, post:14, topic:21138”]
a plain old folder will be loaded by the game

So I can just put the folder in the mod folder without making it a smod and it will load?

if you can see the extensions then they are on, for example, a mod looks something like this with them on,


but when they are off it just looks something like this,


they’re probably on if you could change it in the first place.

yep :slight_smile:


Yeah they’re on. But I guess I can avoid that problem for a bit since I can just put the folder in. Thanks for your continuing help!

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Well… now I’m kinda stuck. I’ve got the folder in the mods folder, and the game loads fine. I’m not getting any engine errors or whatnot.

The only problem is that the recipe won’t show up in the Blacksmiths shop! Can somebody point me in the direction of the portion of code that determines the recipes visibility?

that would be the recipes.json, each crafter has their own recipes.json which is basically a list of all the recipes they can craft… if that made any sense…

@Drotten could probably explain it a lot better for you.

What I have concerning the recipes:

In a manifest, in the base folder.

“mixintos” : {

  "stonehearth/jobs/blacksmith/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(jobs/blacksmith/recipes/recipes.json)",


Which I think is reffering to this

“craftable_recipes”: {
“weapons”: {
“ordinal”: 8,
“name”: “i18n(stonehearth:jobs.blacksmith.recipes.weapons_name)”,
“recipes”: {
“Weiss_sword”: {
“recipe”: “file(Weiss_sword_recipe.json)”


Which then goes to this

“type”: “recipe”,
“work_units”: 8,
“recipe_name”: “i18n(Weiss’s Sword)”,
“description”: “i18n(The favored weapon of Weiss Schnee.)”,
“flavor”: “i18n(-Insert Flavor-)”,
“portrait”: “/RWBY_weapons_mod/entities/weapons/Weiss_sword/Weiss_sword.png”,
“workshop”: “stonehearth:blacksmith:workbench”,
“level_requirement”: 5,
“ingredients”: [
“uri”: “stonehearth:refined:steel_ingot”,
“count”: 4
“uri”: “stonehearth:refined:silver_ingot”,
“count”: 2
“produces”: [
“item”: “RWBY_weapons_mod:weapons:Weiss_sword”

But gives me…

with no sword.

If you need I can upload the whole mod.