Insert Rome Mod here

Hello people, so I currently don’t have a proper name for this mod yet as you can see. I plan to re texture all the construction work to give it a Roman feel and change the Hearthlings to look like Roman civilians. This will partly be a Texture Pack along with some new items such as weapons and armour and I may make some new furniture.

To do:
- Re texture Hearthlings - In Progress
- New items (Weapons & Armour)
- Re skin the building asthetics (Going for marble and slate look)
- New Class (Centurion - Fierce Fighter)


EDIT: I have changed the name of this thread to Insert Rome Mod Here As i have decided i want to not make only a texture pack but a full Rome mod. I have had a big look into thing i want to achieve and have started some projects. Updates to follow, if anyone has any requests of what they would like to see from this MOD please let me know!


Looking forward to seeing what you create.

I am currently thinking if a nice white marble feel for the walls and dark slated roof to give it a Roman palace feel. I’ll be doing work on it later. Images to come


Would you replace the already existing Stonehearth models with your Romehearth stuff? Because you could just add to side, and I’m looking forward to it. Make some Roman-like armor and weaponry. Maybe some ‘Commander’s Armor’ ‘General’s Armor’ ‘Senator’s Armor’ and then general soldier stuff.

I’ll be replacing textures for structure but I indeed to make new recipes for wielded items such as swords and armour :slight_smile:

hey there @JahWaaah … to quote our future president and coding aficionado @honestabelink:


So get downloading StoneVox.

I have Quibicle and StoneVox, I’ll look into it more and make some OBJs first.
@SteveAdamo can I extract them and simply drop them into Quibicle?

unfortunately, I haven’t the foggiest idea… but im sure @honestabelink, @Froggy or any other of our wonderful modding/voxel gurus could shed some light on the matter… :smile:

Either way ubhave the software and have textures many things with the UnrealEngine so I’m sure I’ll be able to do it. Seen some lovely tutorials :slight_smile:

was that pun intended?

On a more serious not, can’t wait to see what you can make @JahWaaah


You can’t import obj into Quibicle or StoneVox, you need to model inside either, you can export OBJ files from both options though…

You can’t drag and drop? Another modder said it was possible… :confused:

i have a feeling that no one here is on the same page… :confused:


You can’t drop an obj file into StoneVox or Quibicle, you can drop a .qb file into StoneVox though. In Quibicle you have to import the file.

screams silently


Ahh that’s okay then. I’ll get it all straight later and make my plans.
@8BitCrab I feared we weren’t on the same page either but I have it all now, I think I was getting confused between the models and OBJs and where to put them.

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Rome? You might get some ideas from here, perhaps?

More than texture packs I’d say model overrides… Kinda what I do with my Candyland mod.

Good luck, can’t wait to see what you make :smile:

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Ahhh damn, didnt know this existed. i Intended to do the models after making building textures… I guess Ill do the buildings and see if @Moe2212 Fancys putting it all together or just keeping it solo

Well, it’s a pretty old thread. Do what you want, really. There’s lots of people doing the same and each one puts a unique style on what they make. Of course there will be lots of mods that add weapons, armor, or furniture.

The point is to finish something and to release it :wink:
Hopefully, people will like it and you will have more ideas to add to the mod.

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Yeah, I’ll stick to this one and see it through. I have many ideas including remaking the Hearthlings to change their clothes, i want to do all details and make it really good.
Once done i may even try and make a new class in the form of “Centurion”, A fierce versatile fighter that can wield many weapons and Armour.