The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018

Hey community,
today I will show you my first Qubicle work. At first I will say this is a three day work so mainly the colors are not the final one.
Here is my work:

The armor of the next guys will definitely changed for more individuality:

So here are some weapons:

Ok that is all for now please send me some feedback if my work is good or not and if you want to see it as a mod in the future.
yours sincerely Moe22(12)


All looks great to me!

Two minor things really … the backs of the shields should perhaps be just a standard red or grey/silver? Like it has two layers? Instead of the design being visible from both sides.

And the standard bearer obviously it’s difficult to get any sort of words on there, so it might look better if you just use some Roman numerals instead?

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May I be the first to say Love it!
Great modelling that is distinct but stays true to Stonehearth the style, excellent.

And now let the feeding frenzy of excitement begin

@Geoffers747 arrrrgh you beat me to the punch by seconds


Could you equip one soldier with the first shield? 'Cause I think it’s too wide.

Not bad at all. Especially I like your interpretation of the Gladius, the first shield and the Roman Banner (the eagle is nice but maybe should “sit” instead of “fly”).

I would not care too much about the time-line… such a mod would fit perfectly into Stonehearth. You might even not need to adjust the buildings too much. Just hope that the pillars will be epic enough :smiley:.

We be great to see a real nice mod bringing the Romans to Stonehearth. I can already imagine to walk into a big Colosseum where one of the celebrations is taking place.

I know what you meen but I want the details of this picture:

and if I make it narrow I get some trouble with it but here your picture:

I have to change a lot so maybe I will change the size too.


I think it looks good with the soldier. Keep up the good work.

I believe standard backing for that time period was wood or leather. It would be interesting to see some planks emulated on the backing as that would give more texture than a single color. I agree the back needs something though.

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Yeah both of you are right I fixed it and now it looks better
Here a picture which agrees with your idea:

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welcome aboard @Moe2212! :smiley:

excellent first effort… i would say my favorite is the second rotating legionnaire unit, and there is very little i would have in the way of constructive criticism, as you have definitely adhered to the general SH design that @Tom has put in place… well done!

You’re probably right! I just did a quick google image search and it seemed to through up shields with these red/grey/silver backs … perhaps those had simply been painted.

Dear @Moe2212 your creations my dear legionnaire are amazing Quality if I do say so myself!!!
Please continue with Your Voxel Creations Sir!!!
P.S. Nice work on the historical correctness!!!
P.S.S. Forgot to say this but better now than never… WELCOME to the StoneHearth Discourse @Moe2212 !!!

Hey community,
I have decided to make this Mod.
So important is that I can’t tell you now how long it will takes because I just left the school and now I make myself ready to study computer science. I need time to learn animation programs and script languages.
Until October where my study begins I have time to get some more stuff and Ideas for the mod.
It is a hobby and I will have fun to do it but I don’t know what will happen during my study if I have enough time or not.
When the beta will be released in december I will try how all this works with mods.
There are many questions that must be solved before I can tell you how the mod will look like.
But for now I try to make here some updates for you guys mainly Qubicle pictures where you can post your feedback.
(Now something different)
I have some problems with editing my posts manily the first post. I am trying to change Pictures and some text but when I’m klicking on Save edit nothing happens! Does anyone knows the problem? I would be happy for some solutions.
See you

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I’ve just tried save edit and it’s fine for me …

Is it saying something when you click ‘save edit’? Sometimes if the body of the text is too similar, or for a couple of other reasons it won’t allow you to save edit. What are you trying to edit exactly?

Is this maybe a feature which is only available to “regular users”?

No there is no message!
If I reload the page there ist below a task that says something like “you have an editing outstanding”. So if I click on it there ist my last edit and if I clicked again “Save edit” the same happens: no correction and by reloading the page again the same task below pops up. It is like a loop of despair ^^
@voxel_pirate maybe I’m working on it to get an regular user ^^

Hmm okay, just copy and paste everything that is your edit. get to that point where you have an edit outstanding and open your last edit, then click cancel? Then abandon post yes?

Then try to edit it, paste everything over, and then save and see?

@voxel_pirate it might be, but I’m not sure, I wouldn’t think so?

No it’s not working :frowning: but you can see the heading of the topic changed from Rome to ROME so I don’t know why the post don’t wanna change???
Thanks for your help!

Okay, we can work around this.

Edit the original post how you want it to be edited.

Copy and paste it into a private message to me and then I’ll make the edit for you :smile:

Back on topic :smiling_imp:

“Rome” could really work nice and add some additional epic construction-elements to Stonehearth. E.g. transportation of water…