[Mod] Mods from Oldra, Millitary decoration mod

This mod is down for now, it is being changed into a different mod that will incorporate more than just decorations, I will release the mod when it is at level i find acceptable. For now i have taken down the download link as to not confuse anyone.

I will try to make a post about my wip mod soon to open discussion and to show off what ive already done for the mod. I will also want to tell people what i have planned. For all interrested I ask to wait. You will hear more and hopefully soon.

Original message:
Hi everyone!

I made my first mod, the millitay decoration mod and its not yet complete but I already have a few items.
Please comment about what you think of it.

Please note: these are decorations, they have no other use.

This mod includes:

  • Pike stand, a weapon rack with 3 pikes
  • Sword rack, contains 6 sword.
  • Ballista,
  • Iron brazier, to light those arrows


  • Cannons, bronze and cast iron ones
  • Stack of cannon balls
  • Training dummies
  • Archery bullseye
  • flags and banners
  • Spikes
  • Ramparts, blockades with spikes
  • Armorstands
  • Palisades
  • tar pit
  • Oil pots
  • pile of logs for defending hills
  • barrel filled with spears
  • Deployable cover
  • Statues
  • … (need more ideas, so suggest any ideas you have)


How to install:
like all mods drop it in the mods folder located in your stonehearth folder.
Default steam path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods


This is amazing! I love how the ballista looks , and the weapon racks.

I have two ideas

  1. Ramparts basically a blockades with spikes

  2. Statues/Dummies displaying & holding armor

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Thanks! Ive added them to the planned list

Just a few ideas:
A sword in the stone decoration like excalibur which glows at night
Some statues holding swords, spears and the like maybe on a horse
Wall decorations with swords and shields
A tar pit
A pot filled with bubbling oil on a fire
A pile of logs for defending hills
A barrel filled with spears
A shield for crossbow soldiers

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Thanks for the ideas,
ive added most of them to the planned list

but the sword that gives light might be tricky. i dontknow if i can maipulate light that way. but ill keep it in mind.

Also i havent added the crossbow shield, beazue i want to do decorations first. but ill might make some weapons and shields later when the rest is done. so again ill keep it in mind.

My only suggestion would be to make the ballista string using effects… though it might be difficult to do with particles – maybe we’ll get a better alternative when ranged combat is released!

Also hope water becomes more finalized by alpha 11 so we can experiment with liquid sources. In your case you could have your oil pots ‘spawn’ hot oil, or you can make tar flow evenly into trenches.

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yeah i will wait till ranged combat is in the game before atemting this.

this will be a really cool idea, my only hope is that a source doesnt need to be in contact with a drain.but that i can make it spawn a certain amount of liquid. and then have an animation of the pot dropping it into a drain below.

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Does the balista or will be available to be used, like in fights and that stuff?

nope, @Oldra said that,

Well i am wondering if the Balista shoots or is it just a decoration? It fits pretty good on my tower.

What about asking that question in the mod thread? Instead of asking about it in a new topic.

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Thx i was waiting for that link :smile:

though im not @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747, i have merged the threads for you.

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Does this actually work… Or just decoration?

Awesome stuff, how did i miss this??, would you consider adding it to PraiseDB?

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Really nice Mod, unfortunately outdated :sob:

well im working on a mod and it will include all these decoration pieces (and also 7 new kingdoms, 21+ new weapons, 14+ armor sets, 100+ decoration, 14+ new crops, 4+ traps & turrets and a whole lot more) but unfortunately i cant give an eta yet, because of work and other things that consume my time. I might release a WIP version in the future, but I need to learn how to animate first otherwise the ballista and cannons(yes im made cannons) will just look silly.

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Did someone say…, Animation?!

Let me know if you need any help with that