Stonehearth 40.000 (throwaway mod, but might be cool for somone)

in a strange mood i made a chainsword and a servo skull mod. they so far can only be put down using the dev tools* but i dont really plan on doing anything with it. so anyone currently thingking “FOR THE EMPEROR!” use this for whatever you wish :stuck_out_tongue:

*note the skull DOES do work. it moves stuff for you like the restocking beetle. and the sword is a sword.

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For the emperor Jarl!

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Yeah I’m back to working on that in a sort of coordinated fashion again, as we speak making some food and then back to fixing up the details of the ruler system :stuck_out_tongue:

please make a 40k mod with space marine armour

dont currently have the drive for it (since im still working on my nordlingmod) and to be fair, other stuff would take priority over a 40k one. though i might make the ocasional piece of armour or weapons and throw it in this thread if the mood takes me this way, cant promise anything though :slight_smile:

y ya estas disponible o no

PD:translated into English