Warhearth 40k Mod


This a idea I have had for along time but thanks to Didis I have a quite a few model to work with I just to program but I do have very limed programming skills as of now I have models for the Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Tau if anyone wishes to help they can just let me know I would really appreciate it


Well what kind of models do you have to work with, show and tell ;)?


All of the space marines I have


Imperial Guard




The First Job I want to get working is the techmarine any ideas on I should use as the item the hearthings use when they get promoted


kinda surprised you wouldnt start with the guardsmen as the “worker” class. honestly 40k could probably best be done as a kingdom mod


I plan on making the chapters kingdoms the reason why i started with the techmarine is because he is probably the hardest one to program I will most liky do the guradsmen next


@Wouter_Sikkema Do you think you could help me with some programming because it would take me a long time to program everything. You don’t have to if you don’t want to but i’m just saying i would really like the extra help so what do you say


Yeah sorry no can do there, I have limited time myself and still have my own mod to work on, though I can give you a hint, if I were you I’d start item by item so armours, helmets etc and only then go classes. That way you make a bunch of progress first before you have to fight with classes

Edit: this is also how i started my class mod. then from there i would use base game classes first to represent the armours and stuff i have, make custom crafting tables, and only then go fighting with the classes really


Awesome models! Tau though… dials inquisitor


what do you mean dials inquisitor


He’s making a HERESY joke :stuck_out_tongue:


heresy is no joke brother… dials inquisitor on you as well


Porfa that the mod comes out, it looks great and I would like to try it.


glad you are excited but i haven made any progress manly because i am still trying to figure out how to mod certain things so it won’t be coming out for a very long time


Well, then I thought about creating mods, so if you give me everything you have from the mod, I would believe it, I have not played any Warhammer, so you would have to give me information or just the templates.


Glad to see that you wanna help you probably have more experience with modding then me so i will provide you with a link to download the models and if you have any question on Warhammer 40k DM me


sorry the delay was busy, and sorry again forget to mention that I am not yet modder but it is because I do not have the resources, I mean computer but soon I will have one, so maybe if I delay in making the mod, but I will learn everything that I need faster than I can, but thanks for your help, all your help


ok no problem don’t worry about the delay just let me know when ready