Mod Warhammer 40k

I come to you to present my first mod, so I need to learn some things (I know a lot of programming language but not LUA^^).

I know there is already a topic on warhammer but here it’s Warhammer 40 000=P

The beginning :

The player will begin the game with a squad of 10 space marines. The squad will be called to wash a planet of the threat Xenos (Orks for the moment) and have to conquer it.

To conquer the planet, the player will have to developp his town and fight the Xenos.

Gameplay :

The mod will use the gameplay of Stonehearth and add others functions

The citizen will serve to satisfy the needs of the people, to build structure like in Stonehearth and they could be use in the army.

The player will have various ways to improve :

His army :

  • call new space marines with a beacon.
  • or train citizen into space marine (so they will need to pass a physical and psychological training, physical and genetic changes and have the armor/weapon of the space marine).

The space marine could be promote to new class after they gain enough experience.

His camp :

  • The citizen, servants and techmarines could construct new structures and workshops.

  • the techmarines could create turrets, vehicles and advanced workshops.

Classes of space marines :

The different class will have differents stuffs.

The scout : He is the unit of recognizing. He has a light armor but can become invisible.

The tactical : He is the basic unit of the Space marine.

The devastator : He is an heavy unit who can takes heavy weapon like the heavy plasma, bolter or other.

The assault : He is the quicker unit of the space marine. He can jump to the battlefield easily.

The archivist : He is a psycher and he is in charge of the psychic training of the new recruit.

The apothecary : He can make the genetic/physical changes on the citizens to transform them into space marines and recuperate the genetic implants of the dead space marines. He also heal the other space marines.

The techmarine : He is in charge of the creation of the advanced weapons and maybe the advanced structures and vehicles.

The terminator : He has the one of the best armor with the best weapons.

The dreadnought : When a space marine is seriously injured, he can go into a dreadnought to continue his service for the imperor.

I do a list of all the stuff of each class and the way to promote but I need to add the capability of each class.

Citizen classes (classes added to the classes of Stonehearth):

Servants : made the basic armors and weapons, and can build structures too.

Guardsman : they serve as a milititia. (maybe I could expand the class tree of the militia (astra militarium).

Ennemies :

  • Orks (first ennemies to implement) :

Orks Classes : (Weapons to specify)

Warboss : hero.
Big Mek : Mechanic.
Medic : class which heal.
Lootas: troops with heavy weapons.
Kommandos : spies.
Nobz : heavy troops.
Boyz : could be specialize in ranged weapons or hand-to-hand.
ChokBoyz : asault troops.
Boit’Kitu : Robot which contains an ork.


And I tried and managed to put the space marine in the game as you can see below :

The full squad.

This space marine is a little shy and don’t want to look at the camera.

I tried to put the chainsword too.

So what do you think ? What can I improve? And What’s your ideas?


Just wanted to put up a translate for those who don’t speak French, Vóila

Sorry I do a mistake^^ But I’m working on my presentation

Do is present tense and did is past tense, Use did when speaking of past events

Yes I now but I was concentrated on my presentation^^

If I am causing you offense, I mean none. I just have some form of minor OCD where when someone misspells something it really irritates me.

This is a really good start, look forward to seeing how this goes. Funny though it looks odd seeing space marines in the stonehearth environment everything looks too nice and bright :smile:

We can use a texture pack to change that of course :smile:

If we could not get caught up in correcting people’s grammar and spelling that would be great - especially correcting those where English isn’t their first language.

As long as it’s readable and understandable then that’s all that is needed.

As for the mod, definitely looks interesting.

The models are looking good so far and definitely can be seen as Space Marines! Will be interested to see how this one progresses.


I dig your models, nice work!

and quite the presentation it is! your initial post didnt have any of this content… or at least, it wasnt rendered for me… but now that i see ALL you have on tap here…

wow, nice work!! :+1:

i think you deserve a few internet points for being the first to bring in space marines and pew pew swords/guns into SH… :clap:

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No no I just say why I said do instead of did^^
Yes we can change the color (now I can do it on qubicle=P), we just have to wait the tool of the team Radiant Entertainment to change the color=P

Now I wait the Modding Api =P

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I really like the idea and the models you have done so far.

But I think that your Space Marine models should be taller then the average Stonehearth citizen.


I agree with this… I’m not 100% uber fan… but I think the SM are taller then the scout, no?

Those heads the SM are taller

Yes the Space marine are taller than the citizens but not the scouts.

Okay I will see if it’s better to enlarge the space marine.


the models are Sic my friend. Excellent work! 80)

So Do I enlarge the space marine?

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I’d say so… will make them more imposing… then the Terminators will have to be slightly bigger. This is just my opinion. 80)

Okay I will see! But I don’t have to change the terminator because he is very imposing at the moment^^

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