BATTLEPUS! and Heimerdingers Qubicle Creations

Shoutout to honestabelink for making stonevox, without it these wouldn’t exist, because I have ideas but I am el cheapo, also he taught me a lot

BundleOfFluff if you want to have cats as critters in your game , no the trapper doesn’t kill them

Legendaries Legendaries.smod for some weapons and armor

First Post
I have -10% knowledge in coding so this is entirely up to people who know that stuff
but i thought it would be a good idea if there was some unique professions that you could only have 1 of at a time and that were more set apart from the rest of your group
the leaders, if you will

also if squads ever get implemented another good idea would be to make it so you can designate certain footmen to follow certain leaders around when exploring and the leaders level increases the amount of people who follow him

Here is a hero profession concept i will try to work on

Nekomancer (its like… a necromancer , but with cats) the nekomancer
[Suggestion] Class: Necomaster inspired by this typo on this thread xD

The nekomancer will have 3 neko minions to fight for him
2 damage nekos and 1 tanky neko

now im not a numbers person but the damage and tanky ability has to be slightly better than a footman, you are a hero after all

if one of your minion cats lose they poof into smoke, they dont resummon until 1 day later

Weapon to create this profession will be a magical neko staff

the reason i feel this needs to be limited to 1 person is because i dont think having 40 cats running around would be very good for your game

new topic- Nekos!!! i made 1 today just for you!

here is Floof - The fluffy tanky neko
(other 2 will be tigy (orange damage cat) and Lucy (calico damage cat)

Id like to point out that Floof is 100% identical in shape and size to a racoon (i wanted to keep it simple to see if i could replace racoons in my stonehearth to see it wandering around , speaking of which, can anyone tell me how i could get the raccoon movement animations put onto Floofs QB file? that would be awesome to learn)

I plan on making lucy and tigy more based on fox size since they arent fluffy or tanky


@Heimerdinger I like your concepts here, but I’d have to say we should hold off until the next alpha before touching the code. If I remember correctly Tom mentioned that their focus will be shifting to combat. I would think it’d be fruitless to get involved in such a complicated mod, just to have the combat engine overhauled and all of our efforts lost. This is not to say it’s a bad idea, and on top of that there is plenty of work that could be done now. :wink:

Concepts, Models, Animations, Graphics, Particle Effects, ect.

So I’ll being looking forward to seeing some concept art :wink:

Briefly looking over the code, mind I’ve never worked with Stonehearth animations. And as a side note the raccoon’s animations are pulled from the rabbit’s.

your entity, or Floof just has to specify

"render_info" : {
     "animation_table" : "file(/data/rigs/critters/rabbit)",

in it’s .json description to add animation. Also I’d guess your matrice names, in your .qb, would have to match those that are found in the rabbit’s table.

"skeleton" : {
      "root": [3.5,5,0],
      "torso": [3.48096,6.5,2.50455],
      "rightPaw": [0.980955,4.02152,0.998277],
      "leftPaw": [5.98096,4.02152,0.998277],
      "rightLeg": [0.980955,8,2.00455],
      "rightBackPaw": [0.980955,9.04286,0.998276],
      "leftLeg": [5.98096,8,2.00455],
      "leftBackPaw": [5.98096,9.04286,0.998276],
      "head": [3.48096,4.02152,3.71918],
      "rightEar": [0.980955,2.00382,6.01021],
      "leftEar": [5.98096,2.00382,6.01021],
      "tail": [3.5,10.003,3.5],
      "tailEnd": [3.5,14.0098,3.5]

Other than that you should be good to go :wink:

If you’d like help setting it up, I’d be glad to work with you :). Perhaps I would set up the first one for you, from there you’d just have to follow my example to continue adding in other critters.

-10% Coding Knowledge Requried :wink:


ok first question, what is a matrice name? lol - a floof qb file

Depending on what program you use to make the models it might differ.
In Qubicle every separate model you make has a yellow wireframe around it when selected (grey when not selected). Each get a different name. This naming has to be the same as in the animation table otherwise it wont work.

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Adding professions atm is essentially skill level 10. Me and a few others are trying to find a way to do it with not much progress atm. This is a great concept and one I have thought of but it will have to wait. In the meantime get the models and animations made up. The coding can always come later.

Hiyo @Heimerdinger I love the models, hope to see more in the future. I’m afraid I can’t help you on the coding or modeling side as I am not skilled in either. (not yet anyway) But I’m excited for future updates.

Paging @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 to integrate those pictures :wink:

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done and done… nice work @Heimerdinger!

I made them on magicavoxel so i dont think that program has matrice names, i hope thats not an issue for animating it :frowning:

anyway today i was bored so i made more models that are completely unrelated to my concept lol

Here are some images of George, He is a platypus

and this one is frank, he is going to require some custom animations
Frank - Album on Imgur …hes a platydactyl

All the standard Stonehearth in-game models are made of separate named matrices in a single .qb file, so… could be an issue, yes.

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Nice job @Heimerdinger :smile:

Looking into MagicaVoxel, it doesn’t appear to support per matrix editing and sorting. So it’s out of the question when coming to animation, naming matrix’s is a must.

I’d recommend Qubicle Constructor to do your modeling. It’s a very professional feature packed voxel editor. I would say it’s the best on the market. The company that produces it is working with developers of Stonehearth to offer a reduce cost version for modders. This version lacks some features, but overall is a great buy.

The “StoneHearth Edition” will allow you to name the matrix’s for the animation table, but if you want to do custom animation I’d recommend getting the Home Edition of Qubicle as it will allow you to export to .obj’s which can then be brought into say Blender/3ds Max for animation.

Other than the .obj export the “StoneHearth Edition” would have all you need. And like I said it’s very feature packed. :wink:

MagicaVoxel seems like it has an amazing developer behind it, but it’s lacking in what you need to get the job done.

My only suggestion if you’d really prefer going down the free route is to try out my voxel editor I made for Stonehearth called StoneVox 3D.

It’s full of various problems, but it’s coming along nicely, and I hope one day it will be highly function alternative.

George seems to bring out some graphical issues in my program, but overall his glory is maintained.

The only real shame is that you’ve model him backwards, this will cause tons of problems when bringing him into the game. Next time be cautious of the your 3D modelers defined forward, model with it in-mind. Most 3D modeling software will identify the forward that they are expecting, for example in my voxel editor, as you mouse around over cube’s text in the bottom left corner displays the direction of the cube face you’re moused over and the cube’s position. Qubicle comes with a “view cube” common in 3D modeling software it actively shows you the direction you are looking at, making it very easy to figure out which side is the front.

I can’t say much else other than the desicion is up to you. If your serious about modeling for Stonehearth and have found the game enjoyable I’d recommend picking up Qubicle. If you are just having some fun now and don’t want to commit to something then try out my software and we see if it can get us there.

Qubicle Constructor

StoneVox 3D

Either way I’ll be glad to work with as I said before ;).


i didnt even know you could make them backwards, do u want me to remake it the right way ? i like magica because i made these in like 10 minutes just opening 2 magicas beside each other and looking at the other animal models and using them as a guide . also i think magica has a flip model tool that i can fix it for you let me know if the y axis flip tool from magica worked or not , because i cant tell atm xD , if not i can remake him for you,anything to get a platypus into the game

i will try stonevox in a bit if it doesnt cost money xD

edit: is there something wrong with magicavoxels obj export that i dont know of because no matrices? this is kind of confusing me XD, also does stonevox have these matrice things we are talking about

you guys with the better vox programs can still fix these matriceless files right? or does the fact that its matriceless make this really difficult for you guys to put into the game ?

edit again:nvm i put raccoon into your program and i see all these seperate toggable parts which im assuming is what we are talking about…lets see what we can do here lol

seeing how complicated this is i have decided to give up modeling… just kidding, here is a tigy

Imgur: The magic of the Internet and here is a picture of tigy , it should work now right? since all the seperate parts are just recolored from racoons matrixes? if yes i will remake them all asap , because they are all racoons

edit : lucy is done too,def the most challenging one
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

is there a way to change there sizes? because I want floof to be slightly larger since he is fluffy and will be the tank cat

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components.render_info.scale, see the other critters (e.g. stonehearth/entities/critters/squirrel/squirrel.json:12) for an example. last one before I nap

Imgur: The magic of the Internet tis a spool of thread on a stick basically, I was going to make a ball of yarn but, spool of thread seemed fitting
was made from the pickaxe qb file

Yes it did, Frank now just needs to be broken up into his separate parts (matrices).

lol :smile:

I am not too familiar with MagicaVoxel, but I’d assume because of the lack of support of multiple matrices, the .obj exporter will likely clumb your model into just one 3d element, rather then one per matrix. Because of this again MagicaVoxel is lacking what we need for animation. Currently StoneVox does not export to .obj. So either a custom importer for blender or 3dmax would be need to get you model into the animation software. Try googling around

“Blender .qb importer”
“Blender Qubicle”, ect

See what turns up. Even then, MagicaVoxel is still out because of it’s lack of support for multiple matrices.

Anyone willing with Qubicle should be easily able to break your model into the need matrices. In StoneVox the process is basically a re-model :sob:. I really need to work on that selection tool ;).

Difficult… no not at all. It would be just impossible to animate properly. The purpose of matrices is to define groups of voxels that can be animated independently of other in the same file.


A wooden door and frame. To open the door we’d animate some sort of rotation to the 3d model, if just one matrix was specified the frame would rotate along with the door. Instead we separate them out into 2 matrices. One for the actual door and the other for the frame. Allowing the door to swing open independently from the frame.

Good thinking and yes, you are correct. See how also the names match with my post above about the rabbit’s animation table.

Lucy and Tigy are perfect and would be ready to go into the game. Again forgive me if something comes up I have not tested this side of Stonehearth before. I’ll mod it in tonight, or sometime tommorrow. :wink: I’ll post the mod here and go over things with you about adding addition entities at that point.

So far great work on the models keep them coming, I’m glad to see a bunch of people active making content for the game. :slight_smile:


Henry and Edward - Album on Imgur :open_mouth: if only I had Qubicle, I hope someone will ‘‘matricify’’ these the most they are my babies

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Here’s the sample

I’ve added both Lucy and Tigy to Stonehearth. Have your Hearthlings explore the map if you don’t see them right away.

If you need help with anything I’ll be more than glad to go over things with you, other than that just follow my example and you will be able to add all the critters you want.

I thought sometime if you want we could integrate your critters to work with the Shepard. Let me know. :slight_smile:


uhh, you can do w/e u want with the models xD, they belong to the universe now

just share if you make anything

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? integrate pictures into what?

if you’re referring to @TurtleSquish’s and my earlier comments, we were simply referring to directly embedding the images in a post (something new users are unable to do initially)…

if you weren’t, well then, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain … :blush: