Tel's Qubicle Work

Suffice to say, the moment I heard how much support there’d be for mods in Stonehearth, I started making plans for a little collection of mods (ie magic, high-tech, military, etc). Long way to go still, but here’s most of the stuff I’ve done to date :slight_smile: . Most of the profession stuff of course is little more than re-colours of default game clothing, but… well anyway, let’s look at lots of pictures :slight_smile: .

A paladin, totally not based on World of Warcraft (ahem). Didn’t do a female version of this, on the basis that (a) a skirt would look silly, and (b) armour for women is actually not very different to a man’s.

A cleric, complete with halo. Actually, the halo is something I could see replaced with something animated, but it’ll do for now :slight_smile: .

Mage clothing. I’ve actually done a bunch of re-colours of this for different mage varieties. This one is for an arcane mage… not very Stonehearth-lore-friendly I know :stuck_out_tongue: .

Naturally, every mage needs his (or her) wand.

Want to be a mage? Well you probably want to pull up a chair and start reading. Featuring a couple of (thick) pages, a book, ink pot & quill, and a microscope plus test tubes. Based on the standard game’s table.

Similar to the above, but this is for alchemists. Lots of gold & lead piled on the table, plus a little crucible and brick-enclosed fire below it. You can just make out the voxels for the fire inside - it’s so small I figured that telling the game to place actual, honest-to-god particle effects in there probably wasn’t worth the effort.

And now an altar, so you can train up some clerics & paladins. A recoloured default game table, BTW.

Oof, this is a big one. Still a long way from complete, but think of it as a miniature Palace of Westminster. I’m thinking of doing the interior as a wholly separate model so that I can add in a lot more detail (think 3x the size, then scaled down & put inside). We’ll see. As to what it does… well you’ll be able to promote a handful of civilians to MPs, who’ll then spend their days in here, eating, drinking, and being merry. Oh, and providing some yet-to-be-determined buffs to your settlement.

Finally, an elven mage and his magic sword. Sword is twice the size of regular ones, meaning it can be scaled down to fit in more detail than you’d otherwise get in-game. This is actually a special, one-only hero unit you can call on to do terrible, terrible damage to your enemies. Well, provided you can actually amass enough resources to hire him.

Now for some more high-tech stuff.

From Glascow, meet the steelworker. These overall-and-cap-equipped workers will be able to produce large quantities of high quality steel. Why do you need loads of steel? Well, this is the high(er than medieval)-tech section now, so get used to less magic & more panzer divisions.

The south coast of England meanwhile is represented by sailors. These hardy souls don’t have clothing for their lower arms you’ll note. As to whether they get used, hmm. Ocean-going ships will be a very big undertaking I think, if only for the infrastructure required to build them.

Sometimes you need more than a hammer to fix things. This will probably go to the Engineer (way, way below).

“The scum of the Earth” according to the Duke of Wellington, otherwise known as the humble soldier. Armed with a firearm of some description, a bayonet, and (for the really big threats) a brass band. Okay so I made that last bit up, but basically these are your rank & file regulars.

Equipped with expensive rifles instead of muskets and what might even pass for an attempt at camouflage, Sharpe’s Rifles the greenjackets are your army’s snipers.

As crewmen for vehicles & artillery, an undone jacket & small cap seems preferable to a shako & all that. What? Of course tank crews can wear proper smart uniforms. How else will you pick them out easily on the battlefield? More seriously, it keeps the theme with the rest of the army units, and I think the brighter & more colourful design works better for games like Stonehearth.

These could be French uniforms, but in fact I needed a means of easily distinguishing between different infantry roles. Snipers are greenjackets, regulars are redcoats, crewmen get their caps, and special weapons guys get blue coats. Not shown here is a variation of the blue jacket uniform, but without a hat and with more gold frogging - for the pistolero, a kind of dual-wielding scout / harassment solo soldier.

Most important of all, the officer (of course). Equipped with bicorn(e) hat and enough stiff upper lip to deflect bullets. From himself, obviously. Not the rank and file. More seriously, officers will provide non-stacking combat buffs to your soldiers, making them useful to have in small quantities. I’m also tempted to make them almost suicidally brave - tropes about callous officers aside, a lot of the young buggers would volunteer to lead forlorn hopes and the like.

Moving on from the armed forces now, time to meet the archaeologist. He (or she) will probably be armed with a pistol, but I’m thinking some kind of unusual melee weapon seems apt too. Maybe one he could use as an impromptu tool as well - like a whip!

The humble engineer, always ready to fix your crazy lava catapults, tanks or whatever it is you’re using. Does the plumbing on the side. As planned, he’s actually a level-up option for the scientist (below), but we’ll see. No real idea why I picked orange for his overalls, it just seemed appropriate for some reason.

Here’s a physicist, though not of the Gordon Freeman variety. I’ve actually done a bunch of different scientist types for the Stonehearth class system (physics = red, chemistry = green, biology = blue), but they’re mostly re-colours. Scientists will have a variety of roles - biologists & chemists will provide various buffs through things like a better understanding or organic chemistry. The physicists will be for those who want a bit more mad science and/or explosions in their game.

Yes, it’s a calculator, probably the item required to make a physicist or scientist out of a regular civilian.

To do… quite a bit still, although I’ve got most of the professions done (9 to go, although some are quite similar to others). Then it’s more weapons & tools, a few vehicles (horse artillery if horses are added or someone else has one, a tank or two) and some more structures (mostly mad science stuff), etc. Plus a few other odds & ends before I start worrying much about the coding side of it all too much.


You mean Wizard clothing,

You mean staff,

And you make me feel obsolete…GOOD WORK!!! Now I am going to go cry in a corner…

Every WIZARD need a familiar you know.

That’s why we have trappers and adorable little bunnies :slight_smile: .


excellent work @Teleros! you have a wide range of models here, and tons of interesting stuff to absorb… :+1:

i particularly liked the altar, sword and Indiana Jones models… :smile:

Shouldn’t biology be green and chemistry be blue? And whaddabout zoology? I appreciate all of my animal friends even though all my closest relatives are chickens and stuff and I would normally eat them.

Zoology comes under trapper I think :wink: . As for the colours being used… uhm, no real rhyme or reason behind it, although I could probably think of some. Actually, I am wondering if part if it isn’t at least partially based on the exercise book colours I had for those subjects at school, or something similar :stuck_out_tongue: .

At any rate, the plan for scientists is you start with a basic, jack-of-all-trades Scientist class, who designs / invents basic-but-cool stuff. He can then go into one of four specialisations: Physicist, Biologist, Chemist, and Technician. Each of these can then level up once (Quantum Physicist, Geneticist, Organic Chemist, and Engineer respectively) too. The plan is that each kind of scientist has a job to do: physicists will be there to design / invent stuff, biologists & chemists will do things like make crops grow faster or food be more effective at filling you up, and technicians will build, repair & buff the toughness of structures (I’m assuming here that mobs will be able to damage structures in the first place).

ATM my plan is for such buffs to be game-world-wide for your faction (ie it won’t buff another player’s crops or whatever) to represent the scientific knowledge being disseminated amongst your people, but they won’t stack much. Ideally they’ll look active whatever they’re doing - wandering around taking notes, inspecting the farms, etc - so they’ll still add to the “living town” feel instead of being stuck out of sight in a lab.

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Time for a little update. Specifically, time to equip your redcoats & the like with some means of dealing terrible, terrible damage to anyone threatening your settlement…

This dagger is used by Black Mages. Black (and Blood) Mages are special support casters: Blood Mages tranfer life from unit A to unit B (including themselves), and Black Mages transfer mana. Black Mages can also act as mana batteries, and when they’ve drained a unit of mana, they rapidly drain its life instead (note: all units will have some mana, even if - like regular workers - they can’t do anything with it).

This cutlass / sabre / insert-other-sword-name-here will no doubt come in handy for sailors, marines and the like.

Whilst this beautifully crafted weapon is reserved for deserving people, like officers, and… other officers.

This simple rifle (musket?) isn’t terribly accurate, but is great in large numbers and does more damage than longbows or crossbows. Consider this a Tier 1 firearm.

This rifle is quite capable of putting high-damage rounds into enemies from a great distance. A Tier 2 firearm. A recognisably different look from the T1 rifle in that it has a lot more wood to it, and darker metal components - you want to be able to recognise upgraded units fairly easily after all.

Another Tier 2 firearm, shotguns like this do enormous damage at close range and deal damage in a cone. Perfect for clumped up enemies.

The final Tier 2 firearm for now, the sniper rifle has enormous range and excellent accuracy. It can fire quickly, but because your snipers are all trained to make every bullet count (and TOTALLY not because of balance concerns!) they take their time between shots.

The laser rifle is a Tier 3 firearm, and is as accurate as you are. This model is noticeably bigger & more complex than previous weapons, and is designed to be scaled down. Think of it as a cosmetic reward for working your way up to the top of the tech tree. No orc will willingly face your redcoats now!

The last word in personal firepower, the Tier 3 laser sniper rifle does Bad Things™ to anything in its sights. Like the laser rifle above, the model is designed to be scaled down to fit into the arms of your greenjacket.

There will also be pistols & heavier weapons to go with all these, but that’s it for now :slight_smile: . Oh and yes, the intent is that you’re going to see redcoats armed with laser weapons :smiley: .


oooh, i like the crossguards on the swords… nice addition! :+1:

and the advanced “pew-pew” lazor rifles look… well, rather intimidating:smile:

No matter what you do, You will always find someone better than you. My hats off for you @Teleros

Long time no post here. Time to remedy that…

Takes two small sticks and a fresh egg…

Pretty quick (having just 5 colours helps I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ), based on the Discworld anthropomorphic personification of Death. Main thing to note - not that you can really see it - is that the tops of the hands, feet, back and head are all larger than normal to help maintain the illusion of him being properly robed when animated (though I’ll probably have to work on this some more :stuck_out_tongue: ).


A bit more colour/texturing and he should be ready to go!

The bane of pirates, ninjas, and politicians…

Just need a pipe & magnifying glass now :wink:

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For those interested, I’ve gone and uploaded a lot of my models to ShPad, so you can ogle them in 3D now :slight_smile:

-Four soldier uniforms (red, blue, green, red officer), plus officer’s cutlass
-Archaeologist / Indiana Jones
-Detective / Sherlock Holmes
-Arcane Mage, plus desk and wand
-Cleric, plus altar
-Alchemist’s workbench
-Engineer, plus toolbox
-Business suit
-Laser rifle

All are male versions (though there’s a female business suit too), mostly because I was lazy when it came to exporting everything :smiley: , though I’ve got female versions of all the profession costumes you see there.

As always, suggestions & comments are appreciated :slight_smile: .


So, a suggestion and comment.

I feel you have the same issue as a lot of modellers starting to mod. You have a good concept and color palette but you’re trying to add too much detail in the model’s voxels, you can add a lot more detail just with other colored voxels rather than adding more to it.

Though like I said concept is solid and color palettes are rather exceptional for a beginner. Hopefully you don’t take this negatively, rather as a constructive suggestion.

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Any examples in particular? The laser rifles ought to be optimised more I know (but I liiike them so much… :cry: ), but otherwise (eg the officer’s hat) I’ve tried to keep the additional voxels for rarer units. The great majority of the clothes seen are ultimately just recoloured worker outfits for example.

Not at all - I tend to be (far) better with words than pictures*, so I’ll take all the advice I can get :slight_smile: .

  • One reason I like this kind of voxel work is I find it easier to work with compared to 2D art or regular 3D polygons.

If you would like specific advice on modelling and such I strongly encourage you or anyone to message me here or on steam. I’d be glad to show you some good examples and give pointers to anyone open to using them.

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Something a little different today. As it happens, I have a rather splendid collection of age of sail models, and the ability to convert them into Qubicle files (albeit single-colour-only ATM). So, if anyone fancies using them in a mod etc, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. For example, here’s a sloop* I converted:

*See Wikipedia for what a sloop is :slight_smile: .

Looks good but too many voxels perhaps?

Probably - although seeing as these things required upwards of a hundred crewmen I doubt you’d build that many.

Still, here’s some low resolution versions of the same ship:

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