Mod Warhammer 40k


I dunno… those guns and uber space swords do a fairly adequate job of intimidating! :sweat_smile:


Yes you don’t do the idiot in front of a space marine with a chainsword and a bolter=P


A 40K mod! Awesome! Keep up the good work, the models look nice! Très bon!


Thanks (merci=P)! Last days I worked on the adding of the profession space marine! I managed but I had to make a workbench for the space marine. I began to modelize the orks and gretchins.

So What do you think about it?

And here a picture of my mod running with the profession space marine (And I change the flag=P).


Although I dont know much about warhammer 40k, it looks great.


Thanks and Okay at the beginning I would want to do the gretchin much smaller than the ork but It doesn’t work^^ I add this nose which permit to recognize directly a gretchin=P


Looks great man…


Thanks man=P So the ork is enough imposing @Lele99?=P


Hmmm… I almost feel like it would be a better idea to bring in the Hammer of the Emperor here, than those Space Marine glory hogs. Cadian Kasrkin all the way!


Maybe in the future I will do additionnals races for the mod like Imperial guard, Tau, etc and the Orks because I will have done the models and the Orks are fun!

And I will do the Imperial guard but I need to think about the vehicles because they are a lot of base on the vehicles =P But I could try to do some models!

And I was thinking about a militia which be compose with only trained citizens so I could do the imperial guard instead of a militia


I was just teasing by the way, well mostly. This is an amazing mod idea/wip. Will love to see this work out!


Yes yes I know but it could be fun to have the Imperial guard no?=P
I have a long way to finish this mod =P


Of course it would be fun!


they need more cuts and scars… LOL… and DAKA DAKA!!


yes yes I know but I do it in differents matrices to have more options to customize the character.


is he the bigger of the two models you posted yesterday? the both look excellent… and if the Ork is on the right, he is indeed intimidating… :+1:

i cant say i’m a fan of the green color pallette though… its a little too… bright? or maybe some variation on the tone would help break it up a bit…


Oh yes he is intimidating =P

Yes it’s maybe too bright but I’m making the different pieces of the armor and we can see easily the differents parts of his body. But I will rework the color because it was just a concept to have your feedback=)

I will show you when I will have done many different pieces for the armor and the customization.


So I work on the ork and I did some variations.

So What do you think about it? (I add scars=P)


BAH!!! Space Wolves for the win!


I have Space wolves figurines but I did Ultramarines ^^