Mod Warhammer 40k


I would call you a traitor but you didn’t betray the Emperor…I’ll be watching you…


Maybe I would try to change the color and add some object to transform the Ultramarines into Space Wolves. It’s one of my favorite army they’re so bad-a=P


Everything with canines is bad-a!


i love these models… well done! and are those plumes of hair, with … bone pieces to keep the hair in place?!? :+1:

love the scars as well… gives a +1 to intimidation… :wink:


The orks have a different style they love have some trophies of their defeated ennemies =P And they love to collect the teeth because more teeth they have richer they are^^

I should do an intimidation characteristic =P

And Space Wolves have a part of the Wolf’s ADN=P


SIc! Love ‘em, Mate’ !


HA HA! Space Puppies! Ultra for the win! LOL


Space Puppies I think with a name like that they’re cutter than bad-a^^ We should see who win between Space Wolves (or puppies if you want =P) and Ultramarines.


Space Puppies are like the boy scout version of the Space Wolves, When a Space puppie reaches the required age he is trained to be a Space Wolf…or fed to a thunderwolf…


Those orks look amazing


You’re too funny^^ I could do it=P And what is the condition to be trained to be a space wolf?=P (If the Space Puppy is not enough cute he goes to serve as a dinner at a thunderwolf^^)

And thanks Amlin =D I want them to be bad’a=P


You could do a 25% chance of being fed to a thunderwolf every time you make someone a Space Wolf but to make up for the loss the Thunderwolf can get a buff or maybe there is a smaller chance of them becoming dinner for a Thunderwolf because the other initiates try harder so they don’t get eaten…


Truly a dog-eat-dog work in the 41st millennium!


And in the other hand if the ThunderWolf is starved he could enter into a fury and destroy your town =p


Sorry to say it mate, but I’m an Iron Warriors fan myself. Have to respect them invincible Fortresses.


I signed up to the forum just to say, these look AMAZING!

I would love to see some marine variations without helmets!

Im looking forward to seeing how you model the rest!
The Ork war boss is going to have to be fairly sizable too.
Orks have painboys or mad doks not medics


So thank you =)

yes I know but everybody knows the word medic =P And yes I will do paints on their bodies. The war boss will do the size of the terminator maybe more. I do variations on the basic toops of the orks after I will do all the different classes and finally I will make variations because It’s better when you have an army with different people with their own skin inside=P
I really want to do the Lootas. I love them^^

I have a ton of work to do =P


During the last week, I work on the orks (classes, weapons and customizations):

Left to right, you can see two Stormboyz and two basic boyz.

Always left to right=P There is a Loota boyz, a Burna Boyz and two basic boyz with a launcher and a heavy machine gun.

Here you can see the different weapons I made.

It’s a beginning because I have other classes to make but It’s a good beginning I think^^.

Now I’m waiting the new uptade of stonehearth to develop my mod. Maybe I should continue the Space Marine’s models because there is no ennemies in the game now.


Awesome :smiley: Love the models! :slight_smile:


Thanks I worked on the different parts of the orks to have at least 3 differents pieces! And I did a lot of hats^^ I sould test different effects like fire and bullet!