Mod Warhammer 40k


So many orks…


you want other races?^^


Of course…I am just salivating at the chance to hunt and kill all those Orks


Sir… I do believe you have made VOXEL PORN!!


i love all your work… again, very well done!

the one sporting a red headband (second from the right), looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (at first glance)… :smile:


Maybe he just don’t have a shell^^ I just wanted to prepare my future class the Kommandos (they’re like ninjas^^).

Voxel porn is too weird for me and the orks don’t reproduce in a natural way=P

So now Newf I need to implement it in the game to please you =P Could you wait ?^^ Maybe you could kill them or they could invade your city with a green tide.


What city? The pack keeps moving…


yes but you need a city to refresh your army with new soldiers.


There is no female ORKS… If I remember correctly, they were magically created… something like they start off small and grow big as NOBS if they win battles… crazy lore… love it!


Our warriors are the best, They don’t die


Yes I know I have the codex of the ork at home. I paint and play this army (it’s why I do a lot of models=P)

Maybe you’re warriors but not mine=P They need to rest in a confortable bed, eat, drink some beverage and also celebrate their victories.


What victories? You cowardly orks cannot defeat anyone! Especially not us humans!


I won some battles (not much I’m not so lucky^^) I was not alone but I won!=P It’s why they have a lot of stuff. You couldn’t defeat my BurnaBoyz and StormBoyz they’re the best even if they have problems of personnality. :wink:


u will fall to the power of the greater good!


I don’t think =P So anydbody have some fresh ideas that I could add to my mod?


crashed thunder hawk event, where u find a crashed thunder hawk and several marines surrounded by orks and u have to help save them, and they will join you, or for the orks u have to help kill them and raid the thunder hawk.


Lol, Stonehearth is way (way) too cute for the grim darkness of Warhammer 40k :smiley: . Have to say, it’s lovely work though.

One suggestion - although Space Marines are of course the iconic Imperial force, I’d use Imperial Guard instead, as they’re more suited for Stonehearth gameplay. The marines I’d have as some sort of “bought” unit (I’m sure people will be able to find a way to do that once more of the game is done). So your Imperial Guard would face off against the orks and such, but you could amass resources to spend on a squad of Marines or even Terminators to massacre things with :smile: .


Yes It’s a good idea!=D I will note it!
You will have to manage multiple waves of orks and after the last Space Marine alive will join you! If you have other idea, don’t hesitate!=)

I will do the Imperial guard but they will work like militia so it will be easier to have Imperial guards than Space Marine because to have Space Marine you will have to do research and make their stuff and it will cost a lot of ressources!
So maybe I will change the Starter characters to just one or two Space marines and the rest will be Imperial guards and citizens!


How about we scrap the idea of sticking to the lore? That way we can say a worker can work his way up through the ranks becoming the imperial guard then getting promoted to a space marine then the player gets an unlucky dice roll and his space marine is fed to a Thunderwolf…


i smell a heretic! burn him!