Battalion Wars Mod idea

I’m sorry that I’m bringing you a mod everyone, but I bring you an interesting idea; we all know that Stonehearth is a good strategy game but I want to see a good mod that can bring the game on the next level, but in this case, this mod is set on modern-day. I’m sure you know Battalion Wars, the successor of Advance Wars, and I want to add some of the units and the factions of the series; here is some of the ideas:

-The Factions of the series playable: it’s good to see the Western Frontier (The Ascendacy) cowboys back in the action, along with the Tundran Territories (Northmen’s Alliance), the Anglo Isles (Dwarfs), the Iron Legion (Greenskins), the Solar Empire (??? or Rayya’s Children) and Xylvania (Phoenix Empire)

-All Units: Grunts, Bazooka Vets, Mortar Vets, Assault Vets, Flame Vets, Anti-Air Vets, Light Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Light Recon, Artillery, Heavy Recon, Battlestations you name it, you can build it! Not to mention that the possibility of Naval Units (Battleships, Frigates, Submarines, Dreadnoughts, Naval Transports; in the future can be added the Air Units as well.

-Open Warfare: when multiplayer comes to Stonehearth, this mod should support it as well, with chances of big online battles.

I hope you all like this idea of mod and someone would like to make it a reality! Please, I really want to see it…leave a comment if you like :slight_smile:

Don’t see this happen sorry

Ouch, man. That really hurts, pal.
Look I really love the Battalion and Advance Wars series but they were never really considered by Nintendo, so I want to see something similar in other games; sure, Stonehearth is a strategy games and I like to see it that way, but very few games are like those two series; in fact, I was imagined a 3D 8-bit game similar to Battalion Wars, but more open than the original games with all playable factions and units and more online support; you know that this idea of game has a little of interesting touch.

However this is a game which already has a plan, modding all this stuff in would be making a new game out of it. Many people are here to either build a town or manage one, the small military part of this game is designed to be engaging but not overwhelmingly strategic.

That’s the problem: too small military; how many times we have encountered so many enemies and many times outnumbered and outmatched by them? they should expand the military arsenal (including defense) and they promised multiplayer!

Reading up on development blogs is the players own responsibility. I recommend you take a look at the Trello/Roadmap for information on Multiplayer and military stuff.

I haven’t been outnumbered yet, I don’t know how that would even be possible but then again everyone plays different.
It seems like you are having more issues with figuring out the mechanics rather than lack there-of.

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That’s an ambitious project, and all our modders are busy with their own mods. You could always try to pick up modding yourself, but there’s not really any great, up-to-date series of tutorials to follow. Besides, this is far past their scope. They mostly cover adding items, ores, crafting classes … not combat roles, and certainly not entire combat systems. I’m not sure that much is possible with modding, to be honest.

There is someone (I don’t remember who) is trying to create a mod inspired from Valkyria Chronicles, along with the original classes, grenades, ragnite, firing weapons and tanks (that can become also as decorations)…if he manage to create it, it will become a huge change for Stonehearth mods…besides the Engie proves that we might see a fantasy-steampunk strategy game out of Stonehearth.

It will go out of the univers of stonehearth but it’s a really good idea. I hope someone will made this mod! :heart_eyes:

I know but very few people consider the two series and very few made similar games to it so yes, I want to see more of it :slight_smile:

… What a bizarre thread. I can’t see what use the Stonehearth game framework would be for an Advance Wars mod, let alone Battalion wars.

That being said, I’m absolutely tickled you came out with this guardianjohnita, I am (or was) a stupidly huge Battalion Wars fan back in the day. Even have some custom ordered Lego of two of the vehicles from it…

But yeah, no idea why you think it has anything to do with being modded into a city builder game sorry… I think I once saw someone had modded a few Xylvanian vehicles into Warcraft 3 for a school project or something years ago, but that’s it. Us fans just have to admit the series was two fun little games, but it’s long dead now :slight_smile: