Warrior Training to make it harder

I was thinking of making a mod (If it isn’t already a plan for the game) which incorporates warrior skills training. For example an archer would have to train at an archery range or in battle which will improve accuracy, damage and range. If it isn’t a plan I think it would be a cool feature to have. It would also be a cool feature to have with the tournaments/festivals idea another person had, with those giving extra xp


I love this idea.
I must work on some models, I guess Tom will require square archery butts. :smile:

It sounds like a great sensible idea, and is probably one that will either be in the game, or the team are thinking about.

Combat details, like everything, are still in the works, and we’re not privy to a lot of information at the moment, mainly because I think it is such a work in progress.

But ideas that make sense, and fit into the game, are more than likely going to be worked in someway, and hey, if they’re not you can always make the mod :tongue:

Its a decent idea, but i think it will be hard to implement since u also have an other level up system, the class tree.
You could, of course make training give your guys class experience so that they get to a higher class faster, but i feel that u would make it to easy to get to a higher class then, and u would have almost no basic class warriors, which i feel should be the most common.
A second idea, which most closely resembles the idea of the original post, is to give all units stats, strength and agility, for example. those stats then increase when u train. this would add a layer of depth to the game and give all guys a bit more character. in this way, stats give your guys power/efficiency, whilst higher classes will give them more utility/special abilities.

the idea sounds awesome but i’d rather see it instead of making the game harder just enabling you to be better not you MUST train to be any good. Perhaps everyone is good with a bow and arrow but with enough training they can become master huntsman or legolas/robin hood

The major down side to having individual units get EXP is that it requires micro to keep that particular unit alive. From what we’ve seen so far, I’d say it’s too early to tell for certain whether individual units will get experience. However, I think in lieu of individual experience, they’ll be using a complex itemization scheme to enhance individual units.

One interesting variant would be to have class-wide experience. Your individual archers contribute to the experience pool for the archer class and eventually that group EXP is what unlocks the next craftable item. For example, after the archers kill some number of air units (or get some amount of exp), they eventually realize that a different style of bow would be very useful against aerial units so they talk to the carpenter and design a specialized bow, which can be given to an archer and you have a new class Marksman.


@Nico and @Riggy They are some very good points and ideas and I am waiting for the beta anyway so I may actually have to change the plan and I will be looking back here for the final design, if it is a mod that is needed

@thebones2356 I just realized how incoherent my first paragraph actually was. :smile: I feel that micro is not a huge part of the overland combat. The vids we’ve seen so far show the player taking a high-level role in most overland combat, thereby reducing the likelihood that you have to micro a significant number of units to win the battle. If that’s the case, then individual experience would be (in my mind) a detriment as you’d want your most experienced units to be micro’d to keep them alive.

Conversely, the scripted dungeons make it more likely that you’d have to do some micro. I would be a tad disappointed if we have these really cool scripted adventures but don’t get to control the flow of the adventure. Additionally, it might be difficult to get the AI to behave properly in every one of these dungeons, so it might be that the scripted dungeons require more micro, which would encourage you to have individual experience.

That’s where I was going with my first paragraph, but I think I edited it one too many times and lost my train of thought. But that’s why it’s hard to tell whether individual unit exp will be there.

What I was talking about with complex itemization though is that you can achieve differing qualities of a unit without having to have new classes as well. Some items determine class, while other items just make your character cooler. So if a Bow makes you an Archer, you can still give him boots and a tunic and a hat to buff his stats (and hopefully if he dies, you can rez and/or retrieve his items so as not to lose a lot of crafting materials - or perhaps whatever killed your guy picked up his/her items and you need to kill him to get it back).

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Hey Guys,
I had this idea for the game. You know how the settlers level up as they fight? well i noticed that there are very few warrior classes (solider, archer etc.) and I feel that if we included training grounds for these classes it would give another option for players to explore as we play the game (you know stuff like archery ranges, stables, barracks, look up the Total war series for more). I know you can go town building route however maybe a domination style like Sid Meier’s Civilization series would be a cool addition to the game.

What do you guys think should we have this in stonehearth, or is it in the game and I have wasted everyones time by writing this out?

I like the idea of a training ground, and it would seem like a natural thing to have in the game - it might be a case of one of those things the team have thought of and are working on but just haven’t told us about it yet!

It would, but I imagine it would be something that is a mod rather than an aspect of the core game - unless it becomes a new game mode, but I wouldn’t imagine that happening, or if it did happen, it wouldn’t for a while after launch.

The core game is focussed on that city building aspect, rather than an empire building aspect, and as soon as you venture into that 4X genre I think you lose a lot of what the devs are striving for in Stonehearth.

They’ve discussed in one of the livestreams the possibility of having more than one settlement, and it was something they would revisit but I can’t imagine these settlements being massive, and they were unsure about the whole thing if I remember correctly.

No time wasted at all my friend! Happy first post!

Thank you very much Geoffers, You might be right about that whole not telling us yet thing.

I understand that stonehearth is very focused on city building, the same way sim city is, however i just feel that it could benefit from looking at its RTS brothers and taking some elements from them (not saying anything bad about Stonehearth, it looks awesome and I can’t wait for the beta in december)
Thanks for the reply my Friend

Just looking at the jobs of your individual settlers, the Devs have stated that they draw a lot of inspiration from games such as Final Fantasy Tactics - and they’ve said themselves the game is equal parts, Sandbox, RTS and RPG.

There is a distinction I think between RTS’s like Command and Conquer and the like, and the games you’ve mentioned like Civilization and Total War. The issue with taking elements from the 4X or Grand strategy games is well, how do you translate Stonehearth into these games? It’s essentially altering the fundamentals of Stonehearth.

Now, I completely agree with you, it would be immensely cool to have a Stonehearth game like Civilization, Total War, or Crusader Kings, but it would be very difficult to translate features of those games across into SH, especially when these games arguably take macro to the extreme, and SH is micro, meso, macro, all of them maybe?

Agreed, it would be difficult to do, so maybe keep the training grounds idea however not to the extent i was originally thinking. maybe just to the point that we have a villagers that can specialize in combat (like the trees that hunters and physicians have). Would that work?

You could easily have training grounds, you just build the structure and designate it as a training area, or have certain designs to enable you to build specific structures … for you to be able to train archers it needs archery targets, for you to be able to train average soldier it needs training dummies, etc.

It would be easy to have some sort of training structure/ ground in your settlement.

I suppose it comes down to what you wanted the training grounds to do, I mean did you want them to be like … okay I’ve built an archery range, I can now train crossbowmen, or longbowmen or something like that?

Essentially did you want the various training structures to add a load of combat units to the combat tree’s? Because that might be a bit harder to get right than simply having a structure that your current units can go to train their skills.

Welcome Ace,

I think it is worth remembering that modding is the heart of SH and so adding development trees and structures to support them is certainly available / attainable.

The difficulty will probably come with balance. The world into which you throw your shiney new troop types must be one which is dangerous enough to challenge them.

So the relative level of hostility of the world will need to be high enough to warrant the new warriors.

(Edit: so many errors… shame on me for posting in haste at work )

welcome aboard @acebritish! :smile:

i really like the idea of a training ground, especially as we wont be constantly thrown into battles… having an alternative means of leveling up the combat classes would helpful, for those times when we do have a conflict…

as @Geoffers747 mentioned though, its all about balancing the various aspects of what makes SH the game the devs envisioned…

I like the idea also. However, as for Geoffers to me this sounds like a nice mod. Btw. in this thread the idea was already touched.

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so it was… nice catch! :+1:


Dear @SteveAdamo
I Thank you for your comments about the idea, I agree with what you and @Geoffers747 have said about the balancing of the various aspects of the game. Its just a idea i came up with just as another option of progression, and i thank you for all your comments about it

Dear Tobias,
Good idea, Maybe I should create a mod that does that. Maybe create a whole new game mode around it. That will however I think about it