Warrior Training to make it harder

I agree with this idea, something like this in the game would be cool

Agree, actually it should not be too difficult to add a training ground to the game. As the idea was already mentioned by the community and some people mentioned that they would like to see / do this mod… I have moved it to the very bottom of my list (someone else will for sure take care of it).

@acebritish Btw. you can just edit your last post and add some new text. The thread will be bumped and appear at the top of the list again, plus it keeps the entries a bit clear… just and idea for the future.

Also the avoidance of “The Wrath of Mod”

awww… puts away his Ban Hammer +1


@acebritish So I updated my Q & A thread yesterday and came across a couple of interesting points regarding ‘empires’, I’m just gonna copy and paste them into here for you to read!