Questions, Answers, Stonehearth Information Thread [Updated 31st July 2014]

General Gameplay ==================================
  • [url]How will your settlement grow population wise?[/url]

“Your settlement will grow at the same scale as your food supply. We haven’t nailed down the final mechanic yet, but we want there to be a constant choice between burning resources to craft things (buildings, weapons, armor, etc.) and investing in the food supply (farming, trapping) to get more people.”

  • Is the “fast-forward” just a developer thing or will that be in the game?

“We will probably leave the fast forward feature in the actual game.”

  • [url]If there’s no subterranean exploration how will you ensure there are adequate supplies? [/url]

*We would like to add subterranean exploration eventually, but we’re concentrating on the above-ground game first.
We can tune the amount of supplies vs. materials in the ground pretty easily. For instance, with wood we’ve determined that 1 “block” of wood lets you build 5 blocks of wooden wall, so you don’t have to chop down every tree in the forest to build a handful of houses.
The world will be based on reality, meaning if there’s an outcropping of rock, that outcropping will extend into the ground.

  • [url] What will mining look like to the player? [/url]

“We want the underground to be just as content-dense as the above ground. Above ground there’s stuff going on all the time: trees, flowers, critters hopping around, etc.
We want the underground to have a similar density, where you don’t have to dig very far before running into something interesting, even if it’s just some fluorescent plants in a subterranean cave or whatever.”

  • How much do I have to micro food and water supply?

“In general there is no micro in Stonehearth. Combat will have some micro, but that’s pretty much it. When it comes to food and water supply, you will manage the systems that generate food and water, and your settlers will figure out how to implement your plans. For instance, for farming, you will decide where to place the farms and what crops to plant, then design things like irrigation systems, etc. Your farmers will hoe the fields, harvest the crops, and store them all by themselves.”

  • Will there be a diversity of resources to gather and mine to attain different looks? ie: varieties of stone and ore, different tree species, etc.

“There will be a variety of resources which provide both cosmetic and functional differences to your structures. If you look carefully in the trailer, you’ll see at least 3 distinct different species of trees. Maybe a wall made of ironwood is better at holding off a pack of invading goblins than one made of oak.”

  • Answering questions regarding water and water physics.

“Re water: We’re working on it! Water is…hard. There will certainly be water in the game, and we want it to behave in water like way, with flow, dams, etc.”

  • [url]On the subject of flights:[/url][color=purple][size=18][/size] [/color]

“On the subject of flight, airships, etc. Not in the first release”

  • [url]Will seasons be optional - stockpiling food is hard?[/url]

“There will be a “for fun” mode where we remove everything lethal in the game and just let you zen out and build. Starvation counts as something lethal.”

  • [url]Have you decided on how magic will work? [/url]

“For a while we were thinking that magic would be very rare and mysterious, but we keep coming up with awesome ideas that involve magic, like the magma smith. So stay tuned on that one.”

  • [url] Will there be physics based destruction of houses, trees, etc? [/url]

“We would like to add physics for these kinds of things eventually.”

  • [url]Does food make workers work more quickly?[/url] - Livestream - 1:08:40

“To be decided – food is an interesting subject, just ordinary food probably not, your workers will need to eat or they will die … But we will likely have food that give you bonuses. We want there to be a reason to build beds and tables for your guys too use, furniture will give bonuses as well … we have to figure out the right way to do this.”

  • [url]Will we be able to select a build as a town centre that workers can run to?[/url] - Livestream - 1:22:15

“I can’t say yes we will do it, but it’s a good idea which would be nice to have in the game, and if we don’t do it someone will be able to mod it very easily.”

  • [url] Will there be a goal or primarily objective to reach in the game or will it be pure sandbox?[/url] - Livestream - 1:50:13

“A big priority for us is to give you motivation … it won’t be as clear as there’s a primary objective so it is definitely a sandbox game, but we want a clear motivation from the start such as why you’re here and how to progress.”

  • [url] Will there be colonization aspects to the game, where form your main city you have satellite settlements?[/url] - Livestream 2:12:40 [color=#aa00ff][size=18] New [/size][/color]

“That sounds like a great feature for an expansion. We want to make sure we nail one city management, that’s not to say you can have only one city. If you chose to send some guys off and make two cities we’re not going to stop you, but that’s not what we are going to optimize for.”

  • [url] Can you build multiple settlement s and build an empire?[/url] - Livestream 2:13:10 [color=#aa00ff][size=18] New [/size][/color]

"The way that we think about an empire in the short term or at least in first release is with this connected mode, the connected mode is something that is exciting to us and we would like to do it eventually.

The idea is that you manage a city but you and your friends or you and your clan are an empire and each one of you can a have a role in that empire. You could be the farming city that provides food for the rest of the empire, or you could be the outpost that’s more defense based. There will be real consequences for how you manage your empire like maybe even waging war on other empires, but this is in the far flung future. It’s fun to talk about, but our focus is on the first release of the game."

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