General ideas for the game

seems my idea’s are not as unique as i though but ow well i was hoping for feedback to make sure i made no mistakes so thanks :smiley:

About point 5:

I think buildings should have a real use, a logical use. for example: storage rooms, houses, mills, docks, smiths, churches, etc. now, i cant think of a building that makes people work faster. i feel the only real things that can enhance units are equipment. so no i don’t think that will be in the game, those kind of buildings would IMO be room-wasting and very boring.

Do any of you think that there maybe a chance that @Tom and @Ponder (Tony) may add Horses??? Because I never did see any within any of the Live-streams.
Also will there be any wood stats like Different types woods have different properties like in real life??? EX: Hardness scale, Heaviness scale, and Bending scale???
If anyone knows Thank You!!!

I don’t think the wood thing will happen, because it would inspire too much micro as you search for different woods and have to assign what wood to what item, especially since they said they don’t like the idea of durability and such.

Although it may be a good (wait for it)…MOD!!!
But do you happen to know anything about the Horses???
P.S. Thank You @Paranundrox for answering my second Question.

it looks like this may actually be a thing:wink:

Will there be a diversity of resources to gather and mine to attain different looks? ie: varieties of stone and ore, different tree
species, etc.

“There will be a variety of resources which provide both cosmetic and
functional differences to your structures. If you look carefully in
the trailer, you’ll see at least 3 distinct different species of
trees. Maybe a wall made of ironwood is better at holding off a pack
of invading goblins than one made of oak

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But isn’t Ironwood and African tree???
Does that mean you would go into desert-plains biome to get ironwood???

i think it was purely for providing an example… and the use of maybe implies its just something they are tossing around… then again, at this point… who knows! African Savanna biome, here we come! :wink:

So basically your implying that there will be ironwood because man that stuff is heavy and one of the top 10 hardest tree wood’s.

And maybe you don’t actually have to go to a bizarre biome for it, its just rare. After all, Stonehearth isn’t based in our world…

precisely… traveling merchants solve all sorts of material requirements… :smiley:

Well Thank You @Paranundrox and @SteveAdamo for helping me with that!!!
Now back to the Horses???

I honestly don’t know. I don’t believe there was one in the images we’ve seen of the animals so far, but at the same time there was nothing that replaced them. Just conjecture, but I’m pretty sure they will be in the game in some capacity, perhaps as mounts, maybe for better farming with a plow, who knows, but they are pretty important in the Fantasy setting.

Horses? - Livestream - 1:28:03

“Mounts in general we’ve wanted for a long time … mounts will be
awesome, can’t say when but I like the idea, and mounts for combat as

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Do any of you think there will be Different kind of horses for each faction such as…
North-man Alliance: Tough, big, very furry, Strong, and Working Horses.
Ascendency: Speedy, (better in groups), easier to get, (less food needed), efficient horses.
Blah Blah’s Children: maneuverable, small, baggage, and intelligent Horses.
P.S. forgot the third factions name Sorry!!!

Most likely not, because (I forget it if was Tom or Tony) said that they don’t want to force you to play, say The Ascendancy just because you want faster horses, or Raya’s Children if you want them to hold more, but rather the differences will be more artistic, so that you don’t feel forced into a group, or at a disadvantage if you don’t get a certain buff.

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Well then I know one thing that will happen though…FACTION Stats Mod!!!
P.S. Thank You for the Answer to that question @Paranundrox although its a bit saddening!!! :cry:

Hey guys! Have an idea about the game? Post it here! If you have any ideas that you would like to see in the game, just post the idea here and hopefully a bunch of people will see it! The ideas can be about anything that has to do with Stonehearth. This is also a place where you can share cubicle creations.

Just saying… but there is a Suggestions section for this… :wink:

I didn’t see one, oops.