Define a "City"

So, devs, what exactly is a “city”, and what constitutes the end/boundaries of a city? Is it possible to make multiple cities, and if so, how will each city be defined and drawn out?

That’s a good question, it might just be that you don’t really define a city if you see what I mean … you just build it and it all comes to life, you could perhaps build a second settlement, and if the settlers over there need materials they’ll use the closest ones available, but might have to travel back to the main settlement?

Yea, different city is just some buildings away from your main ones from what I heard in the streams.

With the ability to create walls around the city, that could be one way of defining separate cities, at least visually, for yourself. This is presuming you decide where you want to build your walls as opposed to telling your citizens to just build a wall and they decide where.

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Let’s hope for a “maximum travel” limit on resources in stockpiles if multiple building-centers (aka a “city”) end up happening.

For that matter, what if a resource was left out in the wild far from your city - would your workers auto-path to it despite it being days away? This is one of my biggest frustrations in Gnomoria, workers spilling out past my defenses the second any lootable object becomes pathable. You can’t turn off the looting because then basic operations of the internal base become defunct as well.

a hamlet has a pub
a town has a church
and a city has a cathedral

well over here at least

as i dont play gnomoria, im not sure i understand this example… do units in that game auto-acquire resources (lumber, ores, etc.)?

from what we’ve seen so far, we’ll have a bit more control over what and where our units are collecting… but even if a unit was pathing towards a resource beyond your city’s defenses, the motivation system should hopefully kick in as the unit approaches a threat, and increase his priority to “live”, over his priority to collect the materials…

edit: closely related thread here

In Gnomoria (and Dwarf Fortress I think) there is a “hauling” skill. It’s pretty self-explanatory, gnomes with “hauling” activated will look to move all available items to the respective stockpiles depending on the priority you have set.

So, if your military killed an enemy outside of your city for example they would then go to move the items that unit dropped. Or as @Roughshod said - they spill out the second any lootable object becomes pathable.

You designate a grid and the gnomes acquire the respective materials inside - so if you use the action “cut trees” you then drag out a grid to whatever size you want, and they will go to work on cutting down all the trees in that area. The same thing applies to foraging for fruit and materials.

i heard something about banners in a live stream, you define a city/town by the banner and an area surrounding that. But its kinda bs too keep the devs up to that.

The best thing to say might be that it is too early to say.

hmm… the last two streams were focused on modelling the weaver’s workshop, and banners did come up… but i honestly dont recall them being mentioned in this context…

oh well, i suppose that means another viewing is in order… :smile:

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Well, let’s hope that Tom and Tony have a good time at the reunion so they can get back here and tell us the answer as soon as possible, eh?

And @jollins glad to know that your small “towns” have pubs as defining them. That sounds like a heck of a lot of fun, and you must have about a half trillion of these “hamlet” things in London.

Well, a half trillion pubs yes. But a hamlet is a small settlement out in the countryside that is on it’s own … rather than just having a pub … in fact I’m not even sure if you’d be small enough if you had a pub ha.

if when we are able to place taverns or pubs in-game, i am so littering my landscape with them… each will be labeled with a variation on @Geoffers747 name…

  • Geoffers Inn
  • The Buxom Geoffer
  • Geoffers & Sons
  • Geoffers Alehouse and Tattoo Parlor

You seem to have very different pub naming styles to us…ours would be more like:

  • The Chicken & The Geoffers
  • The Royal Geoffers
  • Geoffers’ Arms (or the King’s Geoffers)
  • The Hungry Geoffers

Don’t forget these:

  • Roadhouse Geoffers
  • Chili Cheese Geoffers
  • McGeoffers
  • Geoff-O-Rama

well no because its a city… O.o

It’s a joke. I do actually know what a hamlet is, despite my deeply ingrained American breed of ignorance.


Agreed @SteveAdamo, I mean come on get with it!

  • The Fox & Geoffers
  • Geoffers’ Crown
  • Geoffers’ Alehouse
  • The Geoffers Trap
  • The Golden Geoffers
  • Geoffers & The Hound

The Hounds’ Geoffers, or the Geoffers’ Pits. (taken from a game – can anybody guess which one?)

Geoffers’ law would be my pubname

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